Topps 616 Bryant RC

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Aug 4, 2013
Waldo, Maine
Does Topps only put this in hobby boxes? I have busted 4 blasters, 14 rack packs, and 2 hanger packs and still no 616. Also have busted 4 A&G blasters with no bryant rc's either. Very frustrating. Stacy
one of my regular customers at the flea market also commented on how many blasters and hanger boxes he'd opened only to find no bryants so was wondering if was some kind of unannounced sp ....

guess i was just lucky - 2 topps blasters , 2 if i could just find some in chrome....
I have a total of 16 Bryant RC's from A&G-4 / Chrome-3 /Topps-6 / Stadium Club-3 and most were pulled out of Blasters / Hanger Boxes/ Rack Packs~I think only maybe 5 were pulled out of hobby boxes
I have had the same exact problem. I have an 800 count box full of series 2 cards. Some doubles,triples, and quads. Yet not a single Bryant. I finally gave up the other day and came across a lot of 5 of them on eBay for very little more than the price of a blaster and got them. However, I've done better with Chrome.
Kris Bryant is the collectible player of the year! Reminds me of Ken Griffey Jr in the late 80s early 90s in terms of how fast his star has risen and how collectible his cards are!

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