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I'm trying to finish the Topps retail patches from the past couple years.

Here's what I'm looking for:
2014 Commemorative Patches - CP-8 J. Mauer, CP-11 F. Hernandez, CP-29 P. Goldschmidt, CP-31 S. Castro, CP-36 D. Brown, CP-37 J. Gyorko, CP-39 E. Longoria, CP-48 F. Hernandez, CP-50 J. Votto.
2014 1st Series Rookie Card Patches - RCP-9 G. Brett, RCP-10 R. Yount, RCP-24 if it exists.
2014 All-Star Rookie Patches - D. Jeter, A. McCutchen, M. McGwire, Y. Puig, M. Ramirez, S. Strasburg.
2013 Commemorative Patches - 50 S. Musial.
2013 1st Series Rookie Card Patches - 7 R. Jackson, 18 D. Gooden, 19 K. Griffey Jr, 25 Y. Darvish.
2013 2nd Series Card Patches - 7 A. Kaline.
2013 Topps Update Commemorative Patches - 14 D. Jeter.

Here's what I have to trade:
2014 Topps Update World Series MVP Patches - J. Beckett, J. Bench x 2, R. Clemente x 3, D. Eckstein x 2, R. Fingers x 3, D. Freese x 2, T. Glavine, C. Hamels, L. Hernandez, R. Jackson (A's), R. Jackson (Yankees) x 2, R. Johnson, P. Molitor x 4, D. Ortiz, J. Podres x 2, M. Ramirez x 2, M, Rivera x 3, B. Robinson, B. Saberhagen x 3, P. Sandoval, M. Schmidt x 2, W. Stargell x 4.
2014 1st Series Rookie Card Patches - RCP-2 E. Banks, RCP-7 F. Robinson, RCP-8 B. Robinson x 3, RCP-11 W. Boggs, RCP-13 T. Gwynn, RCP-16 Y. Darvish, RCP-18 M. Harvey, RCP-19 D. Mattingly, RCP-20 D. Gooden x 4, RCP-21 R. Johnson x 2, RCP-25 J. Smoltz x 2.
2014 Commemorative Patches - CP-1 C. Davis x 2, CP-2 D. Ortiz, CP-4 M. Cabrera x 2, CP-5 A. Craig x 2, CP-7 M. Trout, CP-10 D. Jeter, CP-14 J. Bautista, CP-15 S. Strasburg, CP-17 Y. Puig, CP-18 C. Kershaw x 2, CP-27 D. Ortiz, CP-28 C. Sale, CP-30 F. Freeman x 2, CP-33 J. Segura, CP-35 Y. Cespedes, CP-40 D. Wright, CP-41 J. Kipnis x 2, CP-42 T. Tulowitzki x 3, CP-45 H. Ryu.
2014 All-Star Rookie Patches - G. Carter, K. Griffey Jr, E. Murray, O. Smith, D. Strawberry, T. Tulowitzki, J. Verlander, J. Votto.
2013 2nd Series Card Patches - MCP-1 J. Robinson, MCP-4 H. Aaron, MCP-5 W. Mays, MCP-10 S. Koufax, MCP-15 R. Clemente x 2, MCP-16 J. Morgan x 2, MCP-18 R. Jackson x 2, MCP-21 J. Mauer x 3.
2013 Commemorative Patches - CP-2 D. Pedroia, CP-6 J. Bautista x 3, CP-27 B. Ruth, CP-28 F. Thomas, CP-31 J. Hamilton x 4, CP-37 I. Kinsler, CP-42 C. Gonzalez, CP-45 T. Seaver x 3, CP-46 R. Howard, CP-47 R. Clemente.
2013 Topps Update All-Star MVP Patches - 1 W. Mays x 4, 4 T. Perez x 2, 5 W. McCovey x 5, 9 G. Carter x 3, 10 B. Jackson, 11 K. Griffey Jr, 12 F. McGriff x 2.
2013 Topps Update Card Patches - 3 C.C. Sabathia x 2, 4 J. Hamilton x 3, 5 M. Cabrera x 2, 6 A. Gonzalez x 4, 7 R. Cano, 8 F. Hernandez x 3, 9 C. Crawford x 2, 10 M. Kemp x 2, 11 T. Lincecum, 12 R. Zimmerman x 3.
Please help me get rid of some of these.
Thanks, Dale
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We show to have these

2014 Commemorative Patches - CP-11 F. Hernandez, CP-37 J. Gyorko

Like the Yasiel Puig patch