Topps Platinum Football


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Topps Platinum Football

20 packs - 5 cards per pack
1 auto'd patch and 2 rookie autos per box

I received these:

56 base - no duplicates!! 56% of the 100 card vet base

Excellent issue printed on stiff stock. Each base card has a foil front- highly reflective and features the individual player ( I have always wondered how these players existed alone in such a team sport as football?? - must be just phenomenal photography!!) Either way, the action shots are great.

The reverse is easy to read with career stats, '13 stats, and personal stats along with 'Going Platinum' write up.

Chrome Rookies

12 chrome rookies (25% of the 50 card base rookie set) #ed 101-150


Blue Foil Parallels
Die Cut

19 Blue Foil parallels received - cards are much thicker than the base - look great!

1 Die Cut - Tom Savage - RC -

XFractors / Black Chrome

5 XFractors
1 Black Chrome - Derek Carr


Aaron Donald - Blue #ed to 99
Jared Abbredris


Bishop Sankey

This is probably one of the top 3 or 4 patch cards I have ever been privileged to pull. It is absolutely fantastic! Beautifully done!


Platinum Football - pretty cool issue -- 99% - maybe all - of the cards are of current players both vet and rookies. (I can't say 100% because I did not receive 100% of the set and I don't go to other reviews prior to writing this one....) The set builder should be pleased and the player collector should have enough parallels / inserts to chase with Platinum.

One of the autos I received is on card and the other 2 are both stickers. All 3 are done well. The Blue Chrome parallels might be a very cool set to pursue - it would look great in a binder.

I'm still amazed at the sweet patch!

Overall grade A+ -- good amount of base and rookies in the box.

Go buy several boxes and send the sweet patches to me!

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