Topps Platinum - NFL


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Topps Platinum - NFL​

24 packs - 5 cards per pack
'1 Chrome Autographed Patch Card in every box'
'2 Chrome Rookie Autographs per box'

At this writing, there is no info on

I received the following:

65 unique 'non-chrome' base cards and 1 duplicate

Topps Platinum base has a glossy, silver finish and a bright white reverse. The reverse has personal and professional stats along with a synopsis of the players' strengths and some of his pro honors.

34 unique Chrome cards and 7 duplicates!!!!

I find it unique to this set, the chrome numbers pick up where the base silver foil stop. The set will consist of both chrome and non-chrome cards -- why hasn't this happened before? (Or have I just missed it?)


Extra thick inserts - and each is numbered to 1549. This insert is very, very good looking!! Plus, it is not a parallel set - Per Se... yes, there are other cards of the players, but the photos are different - maybe not all, but the ones I received are different. Very good!!

This one is numbered to just 99. There is no specific designation such as refractor on the card that I could find.

****Note to anyone selling packs of Platinum - there are 6 packs in the box with the extra thick card - one of them is the patch card. Don't let buyers play with the packs before purchasing! It makes the odds of getting the patch card 1 in 6 - not bad odds.


#ed to 999
R. Maualuga
M. Massaquoi

Blue Refractors #ed to 99
M. Wallace
D. Brown


Ramses Barden
Malcolm Jenkins
Both #ed to 850

Autographed Rookie Patch Card

Josh Freeman
#ed to 10


This patch card is one of the sweetest looking cards I have ever seen. The patch is fantastic!! I also thought it was pretty cool that the player is a Tampa Bay Buc (even though they are the poster kids for futility in football!!)

I was a bit disappointed that there were 7 duplicates in the chrome cards. If I had several boxes, I would expect to have dupes - but not in one box.

The extra thick cards are my favorite in this issue - really good looking.

Overall grade A - waaaay too many dupes in the chromes, but what a sweet patch card!!

Go buy several boxes and send the Crabtree's to me!!



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Duane, Nice Freeman! Did you get anything of Johnny Knox(WR Bears)?

lmk thanks


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Nice review Duane. I really like the look of this design. Pull any of these?

35 138 139 150



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Hi Duane,

I like the cards, but 7 dupes in 1 box is disappointing. Did you happen to pull a Favre card?

Thanks for the review!



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The Chromes are all ROOKIES...if you are going to get dupes in the box, that's what you want! I will take rookie dupes all day :)

The numbering on this set is crazy.

That said, I've busted 3 boxes and I love it...great stuff :)


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I could use any of these for my set:

2009 Topps Platinum #21 DeAngelo Williams
2009 Topps Platinum #26 Chris Johnson
2009 Topps Platinum #29 Brandon Jacobs
2009 Topps Platinum #43 LenDale White
2009 Topps Platinum #52 Calvin Johnson
2009 Topps Platinum #54 Brandon Marshall
2009 Topps Platinum #63 Dwayne Bowe
2009 Topps Platinum #66 Randy Moss
2009 Topps Platinum #68 DeSean Jackson
2009 Topps Platinum #80 Antonio Gates
2009 Topps Platinum #90 Mario Williams
2009 Topps Platinum #92 DeMarcus Ware
2009 Topps Platinum #93 Joey Porter
2009 Topps Platinum #94 James Harrison
2009 Topps Platinum #102 Darrelle Revis
2009 Topps Platinum #103 Antoine Winfield
2009 Topps Platinum #108 Ed Reed
2009 Topps Platinum #133 Mark Sanchez RC