Topps screws me on my bday

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Dec 16, 2007
Grand Rapids
Called a few times to ask if it was ever going to be sent out or even finished. Well I guess it wasn't and I bought the redemption on ebay when it came out. Was suppose to get 08 Co-Signers Curtis Granderson/Jerome Cochran autograph. Needless to say after seeing these uncirculated HOFer redemption cards they had been sending out I can't say I'm thrilled with what I got and yes its available
Hopefully they don't do the same to me.. got a Miguel Cabrera red ink auto redemption in an A&G pack.. input the info so we will see
I'm guessing the scout didn't sign, seeing as Granderson was always the most autograph friendly guy in Detroit I can't imagine him blowing off Topps when he is getting paid.
got screwed too

i waited a year and a half for a jed lowie rookie redemption and when it came it came without a sticker on the back and i'm still waiting after a year and 8 months for a co-signers c duncan/ b ryan dual auto.

they really know how to treat they royal customers

thanks all but to make up for the ****** trip to the mailbox i won tickets to go see puddle of mudd and cavo next week, so hopefully I'll get to add a drumhead to my collection tuesday night
I can use this auto if you want to check my auto and gu thread... what number is this on the back? I know Dawson is #1 and Piniella is #2
Is there a Topps ***** board here? I was wondering.... I doubt it would do any good. I have saved throughout the year to buy some high daollar products and I am very disappointed with the outcomes. Ex :I just bought a
box of 2009 Topps Sterling. I got a Dodgers box and I was so excited. I open and was horrified at the condition of the cards. Both hit's had MAJOR corner dings and the base had a number of issues as well. For the amount of money paid I expect cards that would at least grade as 9.5's. I also have to say the pulls are how can I say not exactly worth the money. I guess I will no longer purchase high end products, and get them @ ePay. I sent the whole box back
so we shall see how they handle. Anything less than a new box will be disappointing. Do you all think I am asking too much ? Anyone had success w/their customer service? THanks hatesgoats - LuvsCubZ