Topps WWW SlamAttax


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Topps WWW SlamAttax

24 packs per box // 8 cards per pack

Topps sales sheet and checklist:

Available at Target, Wal-Mart, ToysRUs and other retailers!

130 card set + prop cards, champion cards, finishing moves cards, and Title Foil Cards.

Here's just a sample of what I pulled:
Set cards:

Foil cards:

Pay Per View, Prop, Match Type, and Tag Team cards:

Game Rules:




Topps did a nice job with this series. The base set is packed with nice crisp photo shots. Each base card includes a nice photo shot of one of the wrestlers and includes an attack score and a defense score for the game. The card stock is nice. Design is excellent and you can definately tell some thought went into them. Call me crazy but it seems really nice to have a wrestling entertainment product being done by a company that comes off as fans themself. The game is simple enough to quickly get to playing and challenging and fun enough to bring ya back for more! It's a fun game for those wrestling fans who collect cards and want to get in on the action! Gather up a friend, sibling, or child and have some fun playing the game!

A solid A for Topps on this awesome set! Go out and grab some packs now and get to playing!



5.00 star(s)
I dont use them to play the game, but display mine in an album.A friend of mine who is a huge wrestling card collector, sends me extras, inserts, autographs,etc.On the Attax he sent me,120 of the 130 base set,foil parallels of Cena,HHH,Rey,Orton,CM Punk,MVP.Worl Tag Belt,ECW Belt,MITB case,Slammy Award,Finishing Move R Truth, Finishing Move Maria,Prop cards,trash can,brass knuckles and 3 exclusive cards found in starter boxes,Jericho,Orton, and Cena.All sharp looking cards.

Taliasen- there is a Million Dollar Man card and I suspect a foil parallel as well.
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