Trading Baseball For Football

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Dec 11, 2004
Milford, NH
It’s that time of year again, if you have any football to trade plmk. Take a look at my tradelist. I’m simply just trading for anything tradable so I’m sure I will need something on most trade lists. Have an awesome day!
Check My Trade Page for Football Traders. LMK if You can Use Anyrhing, Thanks Jeff
Hi there! Interested in trading for any of these, much appreciated

1997 Ultra Blitzkrieg #11 Jerry Rice (49ers)
1999 Collectors Edge First Place Loud and Proud #LP04 Barry Sanders (LIONS)
1999 Ultra Over the Top #OT13 Dan Marino (DOLPHINS)
1999 UD Encore Livewires #L6 Brett Favre (PACKERS)
2000 Ionix Majestik #M2 Jerry Rice (49ers)
2000 Donruss Elite Series #ES-9 Peyton Manning #2430/2500 (COLTS)
2000 Donruss Gridiron Kings #GK-2 John Elway #1880/2500 (BRONCOS)
2000 Pacific Omega #13 Conference Contenders Jerry Rice (49ers)
2002 Contenders Legendary Contenders #LC6 Steve Young (49ers)
2014 Contenders Legendary Contenders #2 John Elway (BRONCOS)
2015 Topps #150 Drew Brees Gold #241/2015 (SAINTS)


1977 Topps #397 Vince Papale (EAGLES)
1989 Score #246 Deion Sanders (FALCONS)
1991 Pro Set #290 Brett Favre (FALCONS)
1994 Skybox #158 Marshall Faulk (COLTS)
1998 Finest #135 Randy Moss (VIKINGS)
2015 Topps Chrome #200 Jameis Winston Refractor (BUCS)
2016 Donruss Optic #117 Tyreek Hill Gold & Red (CHIEFS)
2021 Illusions #59 Trevor Lawrence (JAGUARS)
I Don't Know Football Prices. I Can Use These Cards From You,
15 Topps #108 Jorge Soler $1.25. 19 Topps Gold Anthony Rizzo $4.00.
20 Topps Chrome #110 Adbert Alzolay Refractor $1.25. 22 Bowman Prospects #BP23 Matt Mervis $2.00 and #BP98 $5.00. 22 Heritage #32 Lars Nootbaar $3.00.
23 Topps #275 Vaughn Grisom. LMK What We can Do, Jeff
Allow me to pull , will trade them all for these two if Ok, much appreciated! Bri

2000 Donruss Elite Series #ES-9 Peyton Manning #2430/2500 (COLTS)
2015 Topps #150 Drew Brees Gold #241/2015 (SAINTS)