Trading For Any Cards From The Following 1992-2003 Insert/Parallel Sets


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LMK what you have I have TONS to trade... thanks, BRI

Donruss Elite Series

Donruss Elite Dominators
Donruss Elite Series
Select Chase Card
Topps Finest Refractors

*Any Refractors
Donruss Elite Series
Flair Hot Gloves
Pinnacle Museum Collection
Select Salute
Select Skills
Select Rookie of the Year

*Any Refractors
Bowman’s Best Refractors
Bowman’s Best Mirror Image Diffractor
Donruss Elite Series /10000
Donruss Power Alley
Donruss Pure Power
Finest Refractors
Finest Flame Throwers
Finest Power Kings
Flair Hot Gloves
Flair Today’s Spotlight
Leaf Gold Leaf Stars /10000
Leaf Heading for the Hall
Leaf Limited Lumberjacks
Leaf Statistical Standouts
Pinnacle New Blood
Pinnacle Team Pinnacle
Pinnacle White Hot
Select Big Sticks
Select Certified Gold Team
Select Certified Mirror Gold
Select Certified Potential Unlimited
SP Special FX
Stadium Club Clear Cut
Stadium Club Crunch Time
Stadium Club Crystal Ball
Stadium Club Power Zone
Stadium Club Ring Leaders
Stadium Club Super Skills
Summit Big Bang
Topps Total Bases Finest
Topps Finest Flame Throwers
Topps Traded Power Boosters
Ultra Power Plus
Ultra Season Crowns
Zenith Rookie Roll Call
Zenith Z Team

*Any Refractors
Bowmans Best Best Cuts Refractors
Bowmans Best Mirror Image Atomic Refractors
Donruss Diamond Kings
Donruss Elite Series
Donruss Long Ball Leaders
Donruss Power Alley
Donruss Pure Power
Donruss Round Trippers
Flair Diamond Cuts
Flair Hot Glove
Flair Todays Spotlight
Fleer Emotion-XL Legion of Boom
Fleer Emotion-XL Rare Breed
Leaf 22 Karat Gold Stars
Leaf Hats Off
Leaf Knothole Gang /5000
Leaf Pennant Craze
Leaf Picture Perfect
Leaf Statistical Standouts
Leaf Total Bases
Leaf Limited Lumberjacks /5000
Leaf Limited Pennant Craze /2500
Leaf Preferred Staremasters
Leaf Preferred Steel Gold
Leaf Preferred Steel Power
Pacific Prisms Fence Busters
Pacific Prisms Flame Throwers
Pacific Prisms Red Hot Stars
Pinnacle Essence of the Game
Pinnacle First Rate
Pinnacle Power
Pinnacle Project Stardom
Pinnacle Skylines
Pinnacle Slugfest
Pinnacle Starburst Artist Proof
Pinnacle Team Pinnacle
Pinnacle Team Spirit
Pinnacle Team Tomorrow
Select Claim to Fame
Select En Fuego
Select Certified Artists Proof
Select Certified Mirror Red
Select Certified Mirror Blue
Select Certified Select Few
Score All Stars
Score Big Bats
SP Baseball Heroes
SP Special FX
Stadium Club Bash n Burn
Stadium Club Metalists
Stadium Club Midsummer Classics
Stadium Club Power Packed
Stadium Club Power Streak
Studio Hit Parade /5000
Studio Masterstrokes
Studio Stained Glass
Summit Big Bang /600
Summit Hitters Inc /4000
Topps At The Break
Topps Hobby Masters
Topps Mystery Finest Refractors
Topps Sweet Strokes
Topps Chrome Refractors
Topps Chrome Star Power
Topps Chrome Wrecking Crew
Topps Laser Bright Spots
Ultra Hitting Machines
Ultra Thunderclap
Upper Deck Amazing Greats
Upper Deck Power Package
Upper Deck Ticket to Stardome
Zenith Artist Proof
Zenith Diamond Club
Zenith Z-Team

*Any Refractors
Bowmans Best Best Cuts Refractors
Bowmans Best Mirror Image Atomic Refractors
Bowman Chrome Refractors
Circa Rave Reviews
Circa Super Boss
Collectors Choice New Frontier
Collectors Choice Toast of the Town
Finest Refractors
Finest Rare (Gold)
Flair Showcase Diamond Cuts
Flair Showcase Hot Gloves
Fleer Bleacher Blasters
Fleer Diamond Tribute
Fleer Lumber Company
Fleer Night and Day
Fleer Team Leaders
Fleer Zone
Donruss Diamond Kings
Donruss Diamond Kings Canvas
Donruss Elite Insert /2500
Donruss Elite Leather And Lumber
Donruss Elite Passing the Torch /1500
Donruss Elite Stars
Donruss Franchise Features /3000
Donruss Power Alley
Donruss XPonential Power /3000
Donruss Limited Counterparts
Donruss Limited Star Factor
Donruss Limited Unlimited
Donruss Preferred Cut to the Chase Gold
Donruss Preferred Precious Metals
Donruss Studio Gold Press Proof
Donruss Studio Hard Hats /5000
Donruss Studio Master Strokes
EX-2000 A Cut Above
EX-2000 Essential Credentials
EX-2000 Hall or Nothing
Leaf 24 Karat Gold Stars /2500
Leaf Get A Grip /2500
Leaf Fractal Matrix Z-Axis Die Cut
Leaf Knothole Gang
Leaf Season Six
Leaf Statistical Standouts
Leaf Limited Counterparts
Metal Universe Blast Furnace
Metal Universe Mother Lode
Metal Universe Titanium
Pacific Cramer’s Choice Award
Pacific Fireworks Die Cuts
Pacific Triple Crown Die Cut
Pacific Crown Collection Prism Gate Attraction
Pacific Invinceable Interleague Players
Pacific Invinceable Moments In Time
Pacific Invinceable Photoengravings
Pacific Prisms Sizzling Lumber
Pacific Prisms Sluggers & Hurlers
Pinnacle Cardfrontation
Pinnacle Clout
Pinnacle Keeping the Pace
Pinnacle Hit it Here
Pinnacle Interleague Encouter
Pinnacle Home/Away
Pinnacle Museum Collection
Pinnacle Shades
Pinnacle Spellbound
Pinnacle Certified Certified Team
Pinnacle Certified Gold Team
Pinnacle Certified Lasting Impressions
Pinnacle New Artist Proof
Pinnacle X-Press Melting Pot
Pinnacle X-Press Metal Works
Score All Score Team
Score Artists Proof
Score Blast Master
Score Glowing Franchise
Score Stand And Deliver
Score Stellar Season
Score Titanic Taters
Select Tools of the Trade Mirror Blue
Select Certified Artists Proof
Select Certified Mirrors
Skybox EX-2000 A Cut Above
Skybox EX-2000 Essential Credentials
Skybox EX-2000 Hall or Nothing
SP Game Film
SP SPx Force
Stadium Club Firebrand
Stadium Club Instavision
Stadium Club Patent Leather
Stadium Club Pure Gold
Topps Gallery Gallery of Heroes
Topps Team Timber
Ultra Diamond Producers
Ultra Fame Game
Ultra Hitting Machines
Ultra RBI Kings
Ultra Top 30 Gold
Ultra Thunderclap
Zenith Z-Team

*Any Refractors
Bowmans Best Mirror Image Fusion
Bowmans Best Refractor
Bowmans Best Atomic Refractor
Circa Thunder Rave Review
Circa Thunder Quick Strike
Circa Thunder Thunder Boomers
Donruss Crusade
Donruss Diamond Kings
Donruss Longball Leaders
Donruss Production Line
Donruss The Elite Series
Donruss Elite Prime Numbers
Donruss Elite Status
Donruss Preferred Great Xpectations /3000
Donruss Preferred Title Waves
Donruss Studio Gold Press Proofs /300
Finest Centurion
Finest Stadium Stars
Finest The Man
Flair Showcase Legacy Collection
Fleer EX 2001 Destination Cooperstown
Fleer EX 2001 Essential Credentials
Fleer Tradition Diamond Tributes
Fleer Tradition In The Clutch
Fleer Tradition The Power Game
Fleer Tradition Zone
Leaf Heading for the Hall
Leaf Fractal Matrix Y-Axis Die Cut
Leaf State Representatives /5000
Leaf Statistical Standout /2500
Leaf Rookies and Stars Extreme Measures
Leaf Rookies and Stars Home Run Derby
Leaf Rookies and Stars Power Tools
Metal Universe All Galactic Team
Metal Universe Diamond Soul
Metal Universe Platinum Portraits
Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems
Metal Universe Titanium
Pacific Cramer’s Choice
Pacific Aurora Hardball Cel Fusions
Pacific Aurora Kings of the Major Leagues
Pacific Aurora On Deck Laser Cuts
Pacific Crown Collection In the Cage
Pacific Crown Collection Home Run Hitters
Pacific Invinceable Interleague Players
Pacific Invinceable Moments in Time
Pacific Invinceable Photoengravings
Pacific Omega Face To Face
Pacific Omega Prisms
Pacific Paramount Cooperstown Bound
Pacific Paramount Fielders Choice
Pacific Paramount Special Delivery
Pacific Paramount Team Checklist Die Cut
Pacific Revolution Foul Pole
Pacific Revolution Prime Time Performers
Pacific Revolution Major League Icons
Pinnacle Epix Season
Pinnacle Certified
Pinnacle Inside Behind the Numbers
Pinnacle Plus Artist Proof
Pinnacle Plus Team Pinnacle
Skybox Dugout Access Gronks
Stadium Club Royal Court
Stadium Club Triumvirate
Topps Chrome Baby Boomers
Topps Chrome Clout Nine
Topps Chrome Flashbacks
Topps Chrome Hall Bound
Ultra Diamond Immortals
Ultra Diamond Producers
Ultra Prime Leather
Ultra Rocket To Stardom
Ultra Win Now
Zenith Z-Team

Aurora Complete Players
Aurora Kings of the Major Leagues
Black Diamond Triple /1500
Bowman’s Best Refractor
Bowman’s Best Atomic Refractor
Bowman’s Best Franchise Best
Bowman’s Best Franchise Favorites
Bowman’s Best Future Foundations Mach II and Mach III
Bowman’s Best Mirror Image Refractor
Bowman Chrome Diamond Aces Refractor
Bowman Chrome International Refractor /100
Crown Royale Century 21
Crown Royale Cramer’s Choice
Crown Royale Living Legends
Crown Royale Master Performers
Finest Peel And Reveal
Flair Showcase Measures of Greatness
Fleer Brilliants Gold
Fleer Brilliants Shining Stars
Fleer EX Essential Credentials
Fleer EX Favorites For Fenway 99
Fleer Mystique Destiny /999
Fleer Mystique Established
Fleer Mystique Gold
Fleer Mystique Prophetic /1999
Fleer Tradition Date with Destiny
Metal Universe Diamond Soul
Metal Universe Lynchpins
Metal Universe Planet Metal
Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems
Pacific Prism Ahead of the Game
Pacific Prism Ballpark Legends
Pacific Prism Epic Performers
Pacific Prism Diamond Glory
Pacific Prism Holographic
Pacific Revolution Diamond Legacy
Pacific Revolution Foul Pole
Pacific Revolution MLB Icons
Pacific Revolution Shadow Series /99
Pacific Revolution Thorn in the Side
Skybox Molten Metal Fusion
Skybox Molten Metal Oh Atlanta
Skybox Premium Diamond Debuts
Skybox Premium Intimidation Nation
Skybox Premium Show Business
Skybox Premium Sole of the Game
Skybox Premium Star Rubies
Skybox Thunder Dial 1
Skybox Thunder Turbo Charged
Stadium Club Chrome Refractor
Stadium Club Triumvirate (any version)
Topps Power Brokers Refractor
Topps Chrome All Etch Refractor
Topps Chrome Early Road to the Hall
Topps Chrome Fortune 15
Topps Chrome Lords of the Diamond Refractor
Topps Chrome New Bree’s Refractor
Topps Chrome Record Numbers
Topps Gallery Exhibitions
Topps Gallery Gallery of Heroes
Ultra Diamond Producers
Ultra Thunderclap

Aurora Dugout View Net Fusions
Aurora Styrotechs /299
Black Diamond Final Cut
Bowman Chrome Bidding for the Call Refractor
Bowman Chrome Meteoric Rise Refractor
Bowman Chrome Teen Idols Refractor
Fleer E-X Essential Credentials
Fleer E-X EXceptional
Fleer E-X EXciting
Fleer E-X EXsplosive /2499
Finest Ballpark Bounties
Finest For the Record
Finest Dreamcast
Finest Gold Refractor /100
Finest Gems Refractor
Finest Features Refractor
Fleer Mystique High Praise
Fleer Mystique Seismic Activity
Fleer Showcase Long Gone
Fleer Tradition Halls Well
Metal Universe Hit Machines
Pacific Cramers Choice Awards
Pacific Past and Present
Pacific Reflections
Pacific Paramount Cooperstown Bound
Pacific Paramount Fielders Choice
Pacific Prism Center Stage
Pacific Prism Dial A Stats
Pacific Prism (All Numbered Variations)
Stadium Club 3x3 (any version)
Stadium Club Chrome Refractor
Stadium Club Chrome Capture The Action Refractor
Stadium Club Chrome Clear Shots Refractor
Stadium Club Chrome True Colors Refractor
Stadium Club Chrome Visionaries Refractor
Topps Chrome Allegiance Refractor
Topps Chrome All Topps Refractor
Topps Chrome Combos Refractor
Topps Chrome Chrome Kings Refractor
Topps Chrome New Millenium Stars Refractor
Topps Gallery Exhibits
Topps Gallery Gallery Of Heroes
Topps Gallery Proof Positive
Topps Gold Label Gold Die Cut
Topps TEK ArchiTEKs
Topps TEK TEKtonics

Bowman Chrome Gold Refractor /99
Donruss Production Line
Donruss Elite Passing the Torch /500
Donruss Elite Title Waves
E-X Essential Credentials
Finest Refractors and Insert Refractors
Fleer Authority Prominence /125
Fleer Genuine Pennant Aggression
Pacific Cramers Choice
Pacific Gold Crown Die Cuts
Pacific On the Horizon
Pacific Ornaments
Private Stock Artists Canvas
Private Stock Gold Portraits /75
Private Stock Reserve
Stadium Club Beam Team /500
Topps Chrome Combos Refractor
Topps Chrome Golden Anniversary Refractor
Topps Chrome Past to Present Refractor
Topps Chrome Retrofractors
Topps Heritage Chrome & Refractors (Stars/HOFers)

Bowman Heritage Gold Refractor /175
Donruss Production Line
Fleer Focus Jersey Edition International Diamond Company
Topps Heritage Chrome & Refractors (Stars/HOFers)

Topps Chrome Refractor /699
Topps Chrome Gold Refractor /449
Topps Heritage Chrome & Refractors (Stars/HOFers)


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I might have some free time to look through some much value in the cards above do you need for the Hornsby relic and the Matt Holliday relic, if you still have them?


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Hi there! Looking for 40 TV on the Hornsby, the Holliday is pending but it’s possible it falls through. Only need 15 TV on that. Appreciate it!