Trading Sites?

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Sep 23, 2006
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Any other trading sites out there that are worth looking at? I'm never leaving the bench and I consider it my home away from home, but looking to branch out to add to my Chavez Collection. I tried the sportscardfreaks, but it's almost like a joke over there. Most wanted my high end stuff for their low end stuff or just didn't want to deal. Very slow paced and not much going on over there.


I have a list of the other sites on my www. The only other place that I have more than a couple of trades is SC Forum, but that's only 16 after a couple of years. I haven't found another site that is as good for trading as here.

Let me know if you have any luck.

Same with me, SportCardForum is pretty good. I have also met a bunch of good guys at

As with most sites out there, being the new guy is tough. You'll have everyone and their mom coming at the "fresh meat" offering their low #'d Chavez card for your Nolan Ryan AUTOs.

I have just sat back and waited on new Bill Hall cards to pop up on the shipping prices are so reasonable ther that it just makes more sense for me to buy the ones I need rather than trade for the (especially base/cheap inserts). No sense in sending cards and paying that postage when I could just buy the cards at the cost of the postage!:)

Thanks for the tips....might post my 2003 timeless treasures want list on the other sites......eBay seems to have run dry almost....Best regards, David
I have used sportslots before and liked it. Going to go browse over there now because I haven't benn in a while. Thanks,
If you're looking to buy (usually at or below low book) try

their shippings kinda high.. I think $3 for the first card, then $0.25 for each card after that. so you need to buy several to make it economical.

just checked and they have over 400 different chavez cards listed, with pictures