Transfered feedback?

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Sep 21, 2009
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New York
Hey guys, I have been trading over at SportsCardForum for a while now and have over 200 trades there, is there anyway to transfer my feedback rating over to this site?
First off, welcome to the Bench!!! Hope ya enjoy it here, please read and get familiar with the site's FAQS; there you should find the answers to most of your questions. Thanks, Erik

as listed in the FAQS -

The Bench does not allow the transfer of feedback from other sites. We feel it is important that new traders establish themselves on The Bench. Our experience has been that traders who have put in the investment to become established are less likely to become problem traders in the future.
Pete, Welcome to the Bench.It doesn't take long to get to 20 if you want to trade. Also not sure if you know it or not the Bench is trying to put the YSL set together and donate it to a cancer foundation. They accept all free offers, check the blue bar at top where it says YSL project.
have fun,
hey guys, thanks for the welcome! I should have checked out the FAQ's :)

Leon - I got a trade done over at SCF with Meliah just last week. I traded him 14 YSL's that The Bench needed for their YSL set. I was very happy to help.

Sean - thanks man, nice to see a fellow Yankee fan :) do you have a link to your bucket? I also collect AJax and Montero, do you have anything extra of theirs? I have a few extra RC's
Welcome, as a setbuilder I hope you can help me out with the wants on my site. I also have a fully stocked Trade page with some nice cards of those you collect, but many more in reserve if you find some of my big needs too.
Hey James, sadly I probably have very little of what you are looking for right now. I just got back into collecting cards about a year ago after about a 12 year lay off, so most of the stuff I have is from the past couple of years and the early nineties. I will keep you in mind as the parallel king. I didn't get a chance to read through your whole web page, but are you looking for newer parallels from the past couple of years as well?