Trip To The Card Shop

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Jul 27, 2009
Wichita Falls, TX
Hey guys,
No successes to report today but I thought that I would post what I got at the card shop. I thought some of you would be interested in seeing these. I only actually left with two cards and a full set of 2009 SP Legendary Cuts...because I sent away the only Guerrero I had and he plays for the Rangers now, but I put a ton of Hamilton stuff and Rangers stuff on layaway plus a couple of primetime patches. I've known the owner of the card shop for years and I've bought tons of stuff from him ever since I started this hobby about 9 years ago so he gives me great deals on everything. He is a close personal friend f mine. He gives me all of his common stuff for free because he doesn't like to mess with them and he knows I'm really into IP autographs. He also lets me have a layaway stack that I pay on everytime i go in. I paid on my layaway that is now just a Mickey Mantle (jersey w/ pinstripe, bat, jersey) #'d 8/10. I'm almost through paying it off. It will come home with me next time I go in. :D I will def post that picture for y'all to see. But what I did come home with are these:


They cost me only $6 a piece and the Young on the left is #'d 252/331

He said when he saw the Young on the left he thought of me and that when I get it autographed (of course I'm going to get him to sign it on the jersey. Lol.) for me to bring it back in because he wants to see it. :D So I had a great trip to the card shop. I'll be sure to post those pix for y'all when I finish paying them off.

Thanks for looking!
I miss all the shops that use to be around here. I try to stop in any I see when I travel. They are becoming a thing of the past so I try to support the ones I do visit.

Nice pick ups!
Lucky dog!!! :) interested in some of ur extra sig cards from the other day!

Lol. Yeah. I guess i did get kind of lucky but just wait until I start posting the other stuff I got when I get it paid off. Lol. Those are nothing compared to some of that stuff. Lol. Ok. Just PM me with what you need and I'm sure we can work out something. :D
I remember the card shop when I was a young lad. That place was almost as cool as the barbershop lol! Ours was messy and you had to know your way around, but I swear it had kryptonite for mothers in the walls, because she would always drop you off and not dare walk in!! The owner got Alzheimers and they had to close and no one ever reopened one, but there are some great memories for sure. Looking back on it, he was kind of like a daycare for teenagers, but I think he loved it as much as we did and he got all our $$ anyway, so it was win-win.
Very nice.....I have a card shop 5 minutes away from me, the owner is the biggest JERK around....REFUSE to do any business with that guy.

You are very lucky indeed to have a great card shop owner :D