Review Triple Threads - NFL

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5.00 star(s)
Oct 8, 2002
Sunny Central Florida
Triple Threads - NFL

I received one mini box with 2 packs.
'A Low numbered autographed Triple Relic Card and a low numbered triple relic card'

The checklist should be available soon at

I received the following:

6 base cards


Base cards are each numbered to just 799. Each premium card is printed on thick stock with a matte finish on the front. The name of the player and the serial number of the card is in silver foil. The team name is printed in gray near the top of the card - kind of hard to find. The reverse has a small headshot of the player (same as the front photo.) Also on the reverse is the Triple Take synopsis of the player.

Numbered Inserts


Ryan Grant
Brandon Jacobs
both numbered to 249


Terry Bradshaw #ed to 149
Dallas Clark #ed to 99

Triple Relic


2nd Yr RBS

Jonathan Stewart
Rashard Mendenhall
Felix Jones

Auto Triple Relic


Eric Dickerson


As in the past, this premium issue is for the high end collector and the player collector. There are a good number of parallels of each card and a good number of variations of many of the players for collectors to chase.

I REALLY like the numbering of each card. This makes the card even more special and collectible.

The auto - Eric Dickerson - is a sticker auto - but the card is designed for a sticker and it looks good.

Overall grade A+ - great job on serial numbering!!

Go buy several boxes and send the Crabtree autos to me!!

holy crap...i love that Dickerson...going to have to go buy some of this! Let me know if it's for trade...check the bucket if you want.
Nice cards. I agree the low #'s are a plus. Any chance I can get the Terry Bradshaw from you?

Thanks for the review,