Ttm 2/1

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Nov 4, 2009
Stopped by the nephews and saw he got these returns today....

Ken Singleton 2/2
Ben Grieve 7/7 (our family knows the Grieve's which is why I sent that many)

Jim Colburn 4/3
Colburn,the director of Pacific Rim Operations for the Rangers, was cool enough to write a letter to him about pitching. He told him he was a ML pitching coach for 7 years so he might know a thing or two about pitching. FIRST AND FOREMOST, DONT WALK THEM! Have an aggressive attitude and challenge the hitters.
two, Learn to take deep breaths in between pitches to help control your nerves.
three, Accept failure. Failure is a chance for you to gain an opportunity and learn something. If you have success every time out, you wuold not learn anything.

That was a paraphrase at least.He filled front and back of 3x5 index card and signed it too... Very cool of him to include. It's always nice when a guy with that credibility reiterates what his uncle has been telling him for 2 years!!:)

Peace out...go Horns!