TTM Address Database

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Sep 30, 2002
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Now that we have implemented the TTM Addy database feel free to enter in your successes. When entering in new Players please add all the information possible ( full address you sent to, sport he played etc,etc,etc...). We hope the TTM DB will become a great asset to the site and the members who enjoy TTM auto's.

I just discovered the TTM database Friday and entered all my TTM successes and RTSs this afternoon. I think it is a great resource and encourage everyone who receives successes to update the database to help us all out. It is very easy to use and easy to find whoever you are looking for!
I may have messed up on a couple of the addresses. When I was sending to the team, I just put c/o the team. I will go back in and correct those when I get a chance.

A great feature though.

To whoever cleaned up the TTM Database, thanks for doing that, but have one request for the future: when deleting an entry please check to make sure you are not deleting a unique entry.

For example, Terry Bradshaw, the master thespian and o.k. football player is in the database, but Terry Bradshaw the former St. Louis Cardinals baseball player has been deleted (I know because I added him).

Other than that the database seems to be going great. I just added up the entries and we have 377 to date, on our way to 400 names.

I would like to thank everyone who has been added their addresses and successes (and failures). I know I have sent to players I've found here on The Bench.
I did the clean up and realized I goofed up the many Bradshaws as soon as I did it. I was going to recover it from a backup, but haven't done it yet.

Just stumbled across the TTM database, what a great resource! A huge thanks to whoever is responsible for it!

I've got a HUGE list of hockey addresses that I'll be adding to the database over the next few days. I've already done all the confirmed successes, going to get started on the "Not Tested" ones shortly.
I just joined and have always enjoyed this aspect of the hobby . I used your
database to find 18 players I needed for a PC project. I will let you know the results. I live in Florida and many retired players live nearby and will ask them if they mind being added. I play golf with a few a couple of times a year.

This board looks great. Made a trade on my 2nd day. Thanks for being here.