Update on the 1976 Topps project


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I finally had some free time to take a look at my successes. I sent my first 1976 Topps card out on 11/5. So far, I have received 23 cards back and I have sent out just under 40. Not bad. I have not attacked this thing head on because I also send cards out for my sons and when they see a 1976 Topps returned they are mildly disappointed. I do not currently have a complete set to send out. I have picked up three 20 card lots off ebay and have been sending those out. I am also trying to catalog this effort on a blog (see my signature below for a link). Here are some scans.

You will notice the Willie Crawford is not signed. He died in 2004 at the age of 57. I recently picked up a signed 1976 Topps card and I am waiting for it in the mail!

Thanks for looking!



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Really great looking cards. Keep up the great job on your project. If you need some 76 Topps cards send me a pm with a list I should or might be able to help you out some


That set is one of my personal favorites, and a signed set I am working to finish, as well. Awesome successes! Congrats!


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congrats on the returns.. i am working on the 1987 topps set signed myself.. it is a daunting task when you begin.. but I am about 1.5 years into it and starting to make some real headway.. good luck..