Upper Deck takes care of business, Finally!

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Jan 4, 2004
Even though I'm going to have another wait on my hands for my shorted SP Authentic Box I just purchased, Upper Deck, preferablly Nick Leslie (head of C.S.) Came through on his word and delievered me all the missing cards from my heroes cases from back in March, yesterday.
I received these to finally finish off everything that was shorted from my cases.
These 2 autographs,

That card above is being donated to my dentist's secretary son because he collects Lowry (If you have any you wish to donate also, please let me know and I'll send you cards for them!)

Then these game used!
This was to cover the missing numbered, thanks a lot Nick!! 1/1's are not even in Heroes!

Those were nice and all, but these two made up for the missing case hits.

Thats pretty sweeeeeeet!
oo, and this one which the last person I dealt with said they didn't have any @ Q.C. anymore..
Oooo Yeah! The true home run king Roger Maris.
I'm liking that card a lot! It sits nicely next to Gehrig

Thank You Nick Leslie for taking care of me! You took care of me and did it with flying colors.
Thank You also to Talisan for lending me a hand in order to get in touch to Chris Carlin. Chris, thanks for moving me to the right person. This went smooth and was taken care of in under 2 weeks!

Anyhow, moving onto SP Authentic, but this finally closes the door on 2008 Baseball Heroes.. *woooooof* (sigh of relief)

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Nice replacements, Very Nice.

You looking for anything other than Guthrie? I need a few of those Lee's you got.

Glad to see you got all those nice cards- Hard to believe that a printing plate never made it into packs. I wonder how they decide what cards to keep & what cards to put into packs...????
Looks like you ended up better off then if you would have gotten all the "hits" in your heroes case.
Looks like I'm going to pick up a few UD packs today as a tip of the hat to people who care for the customers.
Hey we rip into them all the time. Lets give them full props for coming through. Those are some nice cards!