*Wanders in, sees some familiar faces, sits down and orders a beer* ...

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Sep 9, 2009
Ely, MN
I'm Dave, 29, Ely Minnesota. Married, no kids (thankfully ... so far).

I'm on a ton of other sites. Either with the user name I have here or something to do with the crafty slot receiver by the name of Dennis Northcutt :eek:

I collect several players. One actually decided to break out and have a solid year, so I am sitting on a gold mine if I ever decide to flip (probably won't, because I enjoy cards as a hobby, not a way to make cash).

Speaking of the future HOF'ers I collect, here they are !!!! :D

Baseball: Josh Johnson, Dustin Nippert, Matt Harrison, Dan Uggla, Jeremy Hermida, Mike Rouse

Football: Dennis Northcutt, Mike Walker, Gino Guidugli, Josh McCown, Kerry Collins I don't currently have, Walter Reyes, Brandon Browner, Dan Orlovsky, Tarvaris Jackson.

I don't collect the best players. I'm painfully aware of this. I collect them, because either they were awesome in college and continued following them when they hit the pros, or I just picked them out of a group of scrubs and stuck with them.

Anything else you want to ask, please feel free. I've been in the online trading world for about 11 years, all starting at Beckett Buy / Sell / Trade (id there was: NatMeans). So, I'm no rook to all this jive :cool:

Take care,

- Dave.
Hey Dave! I remember trading you some Kerry Collins cards on Beckett Buy/Sell/Trade. That was a LONG, LONG time ago. You used to collect Natrone Means too if I recall correctly. You may not remember me but I had the same user id on Beckett also (knightfam5). Glad you made it here to The Bench. If you need anything just let me know. :)
Welcome to the Bench

if you happen to have extra Dustin Nipperts lmk, hes one of the players i collect in my ex-missoula osprey collection

Welcome to the:
B est
E ver
C ard trading
H istory

... btw, you've been online tradin for yrs, what took you so long to get here? ;)
Welcome, I can probably help you with some of your football needs, for me I'm a set builder and mainly collect baseball with an emphasis on parallel sets. My wants are listed on my site.
Everyone - Thanks for the warm welcome. And another thing is I do not have the internet at home. I use a library computer, that is about 15 years old and never gets de-bugged. So, if we have a trade going on or some discussions taking place, please do not be alarmed or feel slighted if I do not respond ASAP. :(

knight - I vaguely remember the ID. It's been AGES since those times (when you could actually do large volumes of trading on there). I did collect Natrone as well :redface:. Sold most to means_fan of eBay fame back in '00 / '01 though, as he offered a mighty sum for stuff he didn't have and I couldn't resist. I still pick up rarer Natrone's if people post them, but, that's like someone being a super collector of Todd Van Poppel ...

James - I'll take a peek and post a trade list link up as well.

abncal - No reason really. Mostly I do dealings on SCForum or TCG. I just need to hoard every single Josh Johnson possible and meet other traders, so figured the Bench (which I've heard about many times) would be another spot to stop, trade, make friends and talk about sports and life :D

pfosset - Just a '06 Topps Chrome Refractor Auto /500. I would only want Nipperts or Josh Johnson stuff for it though.

And I'll post a list (keep in mind no scanner / home internet) of my Josh Johnson collection. It grows daily :D

Take care all,

- Dave.