want to start selling on ebay, but need help

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Jul 7, 2007
Lake Elmo, MN
I buy all sorts of cards on ebay, but want to start selling some of my stuff. I have a few questions before I get started and I would really like your help:

1) Will my sale prices be substantially affected due to no seller rating/feedback?
*note that I do have a 100% buyer rating with like 100 transactions, but I'm not sure if this matters

2) With some of my high end stuff, when is it best to put a buy it now price on vs. let it ride with a minimum bid?

3) Any idea what this card might command on the bay?:

4) Any other advice, info to know before selling on ebay would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance for your help and thoughts
1. Yes. Sell smaller stuff for a while and build FB before you sell any bigger cards.

2. Research. Compare similar sales for the card and others of that player and/or set. Some cards "book" for $50 but routinely sell for $100.

3. See #2

4. Learn what turns people off about listings and avoid doing that yourself. Make it easy to buy from you and dont murder people on shipping.
1) Not really. You'd be surprised how high 0 feedback sellers get for nice items, especially when they don't show up often.

2) I usually sell items over $100 via bin/bo and under $100 via auction. The final value fees are cheaper this way. And ebay fees do change so keep that in mind. Use this to check:

3) My guess is $30-$50.

4) I judge buyers by whether they leave more feedback than they receive and by how fast they pay. I've had someone rip me off for a $10 card a couple years back but if I trust the buyer, I won't use dc for $10 items. Charge $3 for shipping - you get the most for your money that way. Also, dc is only 19 cents if you print using paypal. And use signature confirmation when someone sends you $250 or more.
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Good advice, thanks a bunch. I think I might start by just selling smaller stuff. I especially appreciate detail regarding fees and shipping.