Well, I did it...


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...I ripped my 2009 Topps A&G rip card. It was raining here and I'm still sweating out some of my exam grades, so I carefully opened up the Paul Konerko #90/99. I hated that black paper, but now I don't mind it too much.

#353 C.C. Sabathia mini (Yankees) - no BV listed in my book

I thought this would book, but my magazine is from October 2009, right when the BV for the set came out. I plan on getting a new edition soon, so hopefully it has changed. I will scan this later. I'm still happy to get Sabathia in my card rather than some other nobody (Carlos Lee, ugh)

Yes, both of these cards are available. The rip card is just the tear down the middle and the bottom half was folded back. The top is untouched.



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Interested in the Konerko depending on what you might want for it. lmk Congrats on the pull