What are these plates?????

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Apr 3, 2008

What are these? Are these official plates?

I can't find any listing on these just curious as I bought something from this seller and was looking at some of these but I have never seen these before or don't know anything about them... they look much different than the "printing plates" inserted in the packs.. are these the real plates used to make the cards?

they are not plates at all...

that seller is VERY well known...and not in a good way.....

he has a massive number of "proof plates" always coming from chrome products ....that should be the first tip-off...

he actually boils the cards .....yes , sounds silly , but there was a LONG thread on beckett about this about 2 years ago in which one person essentially "taught" others how to make these fake proofs.... ANYway , this process allows him to remove the top layer of foil so in reality all his "proof plates" are is nothing more than the top layer of a card he has destroyed....

my advice - avoid him and his bogus items at all costs....(he actually stopped selling this crap temporarily when he got called out on it once before apparently the free time he gained helped him make lots more fraudulent items since he came back with more than ever)
Thank you for the heads up.. actually the item I purchased from him.. he didnt even send me what I paid for.. lol....
Just wanted to see if it works what you say and here is what I got:


and this is what front still looks like:

those are chrome cards with the soaked in water until the paper layer comes off the back...worthless.
look at his Ebay auction.. and look who he collects! ;)