what are you doing with your bowman chrome boxes now?

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Apr 18, 2006
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naugatuck CT
i know alot of us pre ordered boxes or cases of bowman chrome this year some like me with the intention of reselling. and as with every gamble there was a risk and that one obviously didnt pay off. so my question for those of you that did that is what are you going to do now? are you going to open them and hope for a good hit or sell them for what you can get for them when they are released? i personally havnt decided, i probably will open them since i dont have a ton of self control when it comes to cards haha. but im curious to see what people who bought to resell are going to do.
thats what im thinking i paid 160ish i believe for them this summer best case if i resell them i can get 110ish back so i would be taking a 50 dollar loss no matter what. im thinking ill bust and hope for a stras auto. even with him hurt his autos still sell quite well.
Busting them! Best regards, David

im thinking the same thing. how many did you get?

i got 2 from blowout and 2 from another site. blowout let me move my money over to a live product so i got some other boxes and the last 2 im probably going to bust.