What box of baseball cards should I get?

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Dec 25, 2007
Phoenix, AZ
I am looking to get a box of baseball cards because I havent really bought any in a while even though I got a part time job and have a lot of extra money.

Anyways, I was looking to purchase a box of cards in the price range ranging from $60-$90 bucks and I need some advice on which to get. I have bought two boxes of 08 UD Heroes Baseball and have gotten some good stuff, so I am thinking about buying one of those.

I am looking for the chance to get some really good stuff, I am thinking about possibly getting Topps Unique because that has some really cool stuff in it.

Let me know which box you think...
It is really hard to say not knowing what you are a fan of... I like 2010 Topps Chrome because of the strong rc checklist and the on card autos... some folks like game used (I don't), others like fancy smancy inserts (I don't) and others like strong photography (I do)... it really just depends on personal likes...
i just purchased some more chromes topps and bowman mainly becasue of the redemption program and i really dont have many of these sets. o8 heros are good too, but its always a crap shoot on boxes guess thats part of the fun. but im a bigger fan of the UD product than i am of topps
My favorite product from '10 was easily Topps Update Jumbo.. You can probably get a box for $60 or so.

You get 2 relics and 1 auto per box. The relics usually end up being one All-Star Relic and one manufactured Bat Barrel relic card.

As for the Autos, there are some nice players, including Strasburg (of course).. My last box I got a Justin Masterson Auto (great for my Indians PC), Manny Ramirez manufactured bat barrel, Clay Buchholz AS GU and a Vlad Guerrero AS GU.. I beat the odds a bit by pulling three relics.

In addition to the relics/autos, there is also one SP per box.. That could end up being one of the retired veteran SP variations, or one of the "pie-face" variations.

You'll also get a huge amount of inserts, gold cards and Topps Million Card giveaways.

There are lots of great stars, as well as guys like Strasburg, Starlin Castro, Heyward, Stanton, etc.