What is the meaning of your screen name?

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I used to sit in on a local radio show called "Wayne's World of Baseball" hosted by a former benchie, espnwayne. We would talk baseball on the air and he asked met to give a fantasy baseball update as I was in a pretty competitive league at the time. So he combined my name (Robert) with roto baseball and rotorob was born.
Cool topic! The only one I could figure out was the original poster's which was so obvious even I could decihper it! LMAO

My username is for the subgenre of heavy metal that I predominately listen to. Symphonic Metal is pretty much a European thing and it is extremely melodic and catchy with pop hooks but a heavier guitar driven sound and more often than not female fronted.. It pretty much is the only genre of music I listen to outside of some forays into 90s Griunge. Wierd because I am not a European hipster nor grungy............well OK, maybe a little grungy! LMAO!!

Being the ultimate "Get off my lawn" guy, I pretty much think everything is worse today than it was back in the day. NFL, NBA, MLB, pro wrestling, TV, movies, sports cards etc etc are all worse now than "back in the day". The one exception to this is music because the internet has opened up a whole world of fantastic recent and current music that surprisingly will never see the light of day to the mainstream. I found Symphonis Metal about 10 years ago and rarely come out of that rabbit hole for any other types of music.
Cool stories guys!! I knew Jeff’s story already but still fascinating to hear. I hope more benches participate!!
This is a very interesting thread.
Mine is super simple - first initial, middle initial, first 6 letters of my last name.

Jeff - Euro symphonic metal - is that like Stereolab and Sigur Ros?
My intramural football team in my freshman year of college was named the BFD's. 13 is lucky number so it was combined and that's been my nickname ever since.
Whenever I see a post from you I automatically say the three word phrase associated with those three letters!! Not negatively towards you or anything.