What is this card?

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Feb 10, 2005
Picked this up on Ebay recently and was wondering what I have. The back says it is one of 1,760. The front has the 1/1 foil stamp on the lower right. As far as I can tell the eTopps seal on the case has never been disturbed. The 1/1 note on the upper left is a sticker on the team bag the case is in. Anyone have any ideas as to where this came from or if it is a 1/1? Thanks.
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I think these are made to bring to the National to advertise new product. They take cards that will be in the market and stamp 1 of 1 and give them out to dealers to promote product
eTopps has national convention every year (or at least they did). These are givaway from eTopps either to dealer so attendees, I'm not sure. They are essentially buybacks that have been stamped, no different that what Topps does with Heritage, etc.
Ok, thanks. If this was an eTopps giveaway that would explain why the eTopps seal is still in place. Probably makes it more of a promo than a 1/1.