What to do about this redemption from UD?

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Apr 19, 2008
Abingdon VA
Well...tomorrow makes 9 months that I've been patient in waiting on this one....lol...BV is only $10...should i just continue to wait it out or can I request a replacement at this point? If so who should I call?

3/12/2009 JAYSON NIX
2008 MLB SP AUTHENTIC ROOKIE JERSEY AUTOGRAPHS #ED TO 299 CD # 133 Athlete committed to signing soon, please be patient. 3/12/2009
I know how you feel, I have to wait till June of 2010 for my redemption!

If it were me, I would check the scouting reports on Jayson and if he doesn't look promising I would ask for a replacement.

Just my opinion.

Good Luck

PS I hate redemptions!! Nothing like buying a box and not getting a pull!

Always looking for Tom Glavine
Upper Deck's published policy on redemptions is a 45 day turn around, per their president Richard McWilliam. I would call UD Customer Service and request a replacement if you are tired of waiting.