What to do with my Christmas $?

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twins fan

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Dec 25, 2007
Phoenix, AZ
Okay I am 16 and I got $100 (early) from my very nice and generous Grandma. At first thought I was saying to myself, okay go to the local card store and pick up a box of cards for around $50-$60 and put the rest in savings...
But now I am having second thoughts about this decision. I have not made a decision yet and have not bought anything with the money. What my question is of you is what to do. Should I buy a nice card on eBay? or buy a box of cards from an online store? If you say the second option could you please state why and what is a good product for $50-$60 and from what store. All opinions are welcome.

Happy Holidays to all
Thanks- Christian
If it were me I would buy one nice high end card (since your never guaranteed anything good in boxes) and then deposit the rest in savings.

I have plenty of nice high end cards in my current ebay auctions that end tomorrow (shameless plug, I know).

My .02,

Well, only you know whatever makes you happy. If there is a specific card that you have been eyeing and would love to have it in your collection, then go for that. If not, then go for a box. 08 Heroes Baseball is a good product for around mid fifty bucks in blowoutcards.com.
If you musy buy a box I would go with heroes however Id would buy a highend auto of a player you like.
I would either
A. Put it all into savings.
B. Buy a nice single of my favorite player or just a card I've been wanting.
I'd buy a box of 08 Baseball Heroes for $50 because there is nothing as fun as busting a box, even if you don't get a huge "hit"...thrill of the chase you know :)

Then...I'd buy something nice for your PC with the rest and save whatever is left over.
Buy yourself a nice Reyes low #'d auto..

I would get a card you like then put the rest in savings. A box would be fun to break but you don;t know what you would get and could loose out big time.
Thanks for the opinions. I mean UD Heroes doesnt seem like a bad buy, I busted one box already and I got a Prince Fielder Auto /15 and a Tim Hudson Patch /25. So I got my money out of that
I'd buy singles of the players you collect. Ebay or www.checkoutmycards.com(they have over 20 pages of reyes, just checked). I collect hof autos and gued and I buy singles instead of taking the box break gamble (but busting boxes IS FUN and I've done may share....and will continue to do so on a limited basis)