What's a good site to build a free personal website for my card lists?

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Oct 19, 2007
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Hey everyone,

I think I need to be able to have all of my cards listed on one site. Does anyone recommend a certain site? I know a lot of people use free services to build their own sites, so I'm wondering who I should go with, then I'll learn how to do it.

Any input is welcome!

I use google sites. Really easy to use and you can use google docs and picasa with it. I've uploaded my TTM successes to the site and am currently transferring my want lists to google docs.

Here is my site: https://sites.google.com/site/mycards5210/

Thanks for the info! Is this site easy to build? I use computers every day, but don't have much for site building skills.

Your site looks great by the way!

I like Google Sites, they have a variety of ways to set up your site, very user friendly, I have my inventory list on there.

For my main site I use x10, build the sites on Microsoft Frontpage and upload them via FTP.

Best advice is to sign up for one, try it out and see if it does what you want before you invest a lot of time of moving you collection into it.

- Chris
I teach Middle School computer class and spend about 30 min showing the kids how to use all the google docs, sites, and picasa. Most of them can use all the tools after the initial training. Google has a great help section with videos if you need help or have a question about something.

There is no coding involved. You choose a template and input your data. One thing I like with Google Docs is you can upload your own word or excel documents and open them in Google Docs and not have to recreate them or copy and past them into google.

QUOTE=Soxfan33;2855822]Thanks for the info! Is this site easy to build? I use computers every day, but don't have much for site building skills.

Your site looks great by the way!

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Throwing my 2 cents in: Google docs I've found to be the best to use. Also I feel that the chances are best that Google will be around for the long haul and I would hate to spend hours creating a website and then one day find out the company went belly up and my site is gone!
Thanks everyone! I'm actually checking both Google and Freewebs. I'm not sure which one I'll go with at this point.

I really appreciate all of the input!

I'm a huge google fan. While I don't have a google site, I update my lists through google docs. The best part is that you can publish your documents and spreadsheets as webpages. Also, any changes made are instantly reflected and not upload is needed (like if you were to do a word doc or an excel spreadsheet). Freewebs is good, but if you like spreadsheets, I'd go with google.
I have my site thru webs.com (aka Freewebs). Here is the link: http://oneill21.webs.com

Google is good as well, the big advantage of Google is that they have Google Docs and you can probably do a lot more with is. Webs.com on the other hand is very easy to use if you want a basic website. Ultimately, for my site I went with Webs because the URL was shorter and easier to type/remember and also it has better designs. I felt Google has a very simple, Wikipedia look to their sites.
Glad you ask the question...also don't have a website and theres a lot of good information from fellow Bench members. Best regards, David