Where do YOU go to buy single cards?

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Mar 28, 2010
New Jersey
With the high cost of buying boxes and with postage increases due soon, I am actually considering that just buying the cards I need may be cheaper in the long run. I am looking for an on-line store that will go through your wantlist and give you prices on what they have for you.....and cheap! Where do YOU go? Thanks for any help. Mike
I'm probably an exception to the rule or a contrarian...but I buy all my singles at card shows or on the Bench. :)

I actually enjoy digging through the "bargain boxes" at shows to try to find treasure for 10 or 25 cents apiece. It can be time-consuming and tiring, though.
I don't have the patience to go through bargain boxes at shows and am afraid that postage costs for ebay cards would not make it worth it. I am talking about lots of base product that I would be buying. Buying it by "the piece" would not be worth ebaying because of postage. I'd have to buy big lots of the cards from my wantlist to get the most for postage costs.
I recently checked out Check out my cards.com and was surprised at some of the deals I found, Had to do a lot of digging, but with a Maddux Wantlist of 6,000+ cards there were plenty to look thru. I was planning on spending around 40 Paypal when I started shopping, after sepnding 38Paypal DLVD, I had netted myself 12 Maddux cards with a total BV of 147.00 SO I was pretty happy with that.

Alot of the cards I looked at I thought were priced kinda high, but found plenty that were FS at 50 - 66% off beckett or more.
I read about thus guy named bill Henderson who bills himself as the king of commons in a book about the history of baseball cards (it is called "Mint Condition" and was.a great read). He has store in Wisconsin near Chicago. I haven't bought from him myself, but it might be worth checking out.
Check out my Cards has been a Godsend
for my collection (hard-core set collecting).

Well shipped, timely and you can hagle
if that's your bag of tricks.

Collect Hard!,
COMC.com they run specials on shipping at the end of each month and you get a reduced rate. I buy things throughout the month and then when the last week hits if I have enough to qualify for the bulk shipping discount. I think it is 50 cards to qualify then I have them shipped if not I just wiat until the next month after buying more. It does not cost the buyer anything for them to store it after you buy it. Never had any problems and I have bought about 500 cards from them in the last year.
At .18 per common and the largest inventory I've seen online (35M cards) -- you can't beat Sportlots! Shipping varies by seller. Good luck!

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