Who should I submit this card to?

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4.80 star(s)
Feb 28, 2008
Anchorage, AK
My 1959 Brooks Robinson definitely stands out due to its condition. Should I send it to PSA? Beckett? SGC? I'm looking to sell it to buy a new one and get some other 1959s with the extra cash.
Beckett will slam it...even if it looks great...they are way over the top on vintage grading in my opinion...but, if you do manage to get a high grade it will bring a LOT more vs. a PSA...so just depends on "how" great you think your card really is...if you are confident that it's a high grade card then give Beckett a try if you are going to try to sell it...if not then I'd go with PSA...they seem to be more realistic with vintage grading...if you are going to keep it anyway then it really doesn't matter...but for sales BVG is going to bring bigger bucks I think if you can manage to get a high grade....just my opinion.