Why do i keep getting redirected?

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Roger G.

Jul 13, 2007
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It has been happening for a week now.Only on here,no other site.My firewall is on and my antivirus is on..Is redirects me and then takes me to a unsafe site.

I dont get why is only happening on here.
I wonder if a virus has slipped into your system, when it sees you going to a "trading" site it may think it is stock trades and may be trying to access your finacial information. I have no thoughts on how to deal with your problem though.
I ran a scan and nothing and my firewall is on.I'm on several trading sites and it doesnt happen there.I will check into it further to see if i can locate the problem.
I'm no computor wiz,but I would delete all my temporary files and cookies,.
I've been having issues with Windows 7,...

roger are you typing in thetradingbench.com ? maybe your misspelling it? or do you use a link in your fav. tab? try typing in the sites ip address and see what that does for you. --- write it down for future use

that should bring you up to the group site. if that works check your history and temp files, clear the cache. and delete your browsing history, and dump the old link, and readd the link to the site. if that doesnt work the google on how to flush your dns cache in google or what ever browser you choose. if that still doenst work then you may need to contact your isp.

hope that helps dave.
I will try these options.As of rightnow i just click the bench from favorites tab.
Your not alone Roger! Today...my main way to get to the Bench....came up with problem with internet explorer......so I came in the back door way....click on the site with the Yankee Stadium Legacy link....and then click on the bench link....and here I am! It seems to happen when I spend to much time on the Bench! Then the next day everythings is working! ....Plus it only happens when I try to go to the Bench! All of the other sites dont have this problem!...ebay, freedom board, paypal, etc, etc.
you guys are describing the DNS error. i would suspect your dns is set to auto detect, and if you were to change it, ie hard code it to

"seems that to resolve the bad gateway or loss of connection to the bench its a DNS error and a simple flush of the dns will not always resolve this issue. after some extensive talks with a microsoft tech it seems that you may have a issue between the proxy server and the individua pc's and a way to fix it is to use the specifit and dns instead of auto detect dns. "


so far this fix has worked like a charm for me. try it and if your not confident doing it call your ISP and have them assist you in doing it.

I don't know if this is at all related to the OP's issue, but I started having issues this morning on my home PC with The Bench site. (I'm typing from my work PC now.) It may be tied in to an issue with the Google toolbar -- I got an error message related to a "swg.dll" file, which cause the browser window to close immediately.

I removed the Google toolbar program, but it's still a problem. Everytime I try to go to The Bench, the browser immediately closes. It's weird because I can go to other common sites (Yahoo, CNN, etc.)

Has anyone else come across this? I ran a couple of malware scans but they didn't help.
some say it can be the google toolbar, but if you do a search on the net for godaddy.com dns issues it will really open your eyes that its just not us but the proxy servers that are 3rd party to the godaddy domain system. but i am telling oyu by setting your dns setting to the above post and telling your pc not to auto detect dns it will fix the problem.