Would you consider this a Patch?

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Nov 19, 2010
I pulled this out of a pack at my hobby shop and I was wondering If you would consider this a patch. All of the others I have seen come out of this that are numbered to 25 are considered patches what would you say about this one?



Thanks for the help!
To me it looks like one piece of cloth that changes color due to a change in the color of the thread. Which I would consider not a patch.

I consider a "patch" a separate piece of material sewn on top of another piece of material. There should be a definite "step" in the material from the base piece to the added on piece.

If this is what is on the card, then I would say it is a patch card.
It looks to be part of the sleeve stripe, which i guess would not technically be a patch, it would still be a "prime" swatch of jersey.

I either case a nice card.
This from Webster....."a small organizational or affiliational emblem of cloth sewn to one's jacket, shirt, cap, etc."

When I think of a "patch", in regards to a card.....this is what, by definition, I think of. A part of a number, name, or team.

Great card ya have there.....but, not a patch.


Thanks everyone for the information. I dont think it is up for trade at the moment though!
Yeah, although it is different colors, I would not consider it a patch. Some jerseys (with pinstripes, for example) have multiple colors but are not patches. But great card either way! :D :D