WOW! $4.40 Well Spent!


4.70 star(s)
Whoa! Today I just kept pulling successes out of the mailbox! I have never had a day like this before! 5 SUCCESSES! Camera's still broken but I will have about 40 pictures to take when it gets fixed. Lol.

Darrin Fletcher 3/3 c/o Home in 13 days - 91 Donruss Rated Rookie, 98 Thunder (for my set), 98 Pinnacle

Jeff Cirillo 2/3 c/o Home in 13 days - 96 UD, 06 Topps, returned 04 Topps unsigned

Pat Hentgen 3/3 c/o Home in 13 days - 98 Thunder (for my set), 1997 Donruss, 97 Fleer Team Leaders. All inscribed "96 CY."

Paul Konerko 2/3 c/o Home in 13 days - 08 Goudey, 98 Bowman's Best, kept 08 UD SP. Signed in awful black sharpie but def not a ghost signer. Looks just like a cert and an IP that I have. (IP is a little more rushed looking but the same signature)

Lance Johnson 4/4 c/o Home in 13 days - 96 Topps, 92 UD, 91 UD, 89 Topps. All inscribed "1 DOG." A great success from one of my foremost childhood heroes!

What a great day! I'm so happy! I'll take 5 successes and 14 signed cards any day!

Thanks for looking!