Wttf older cubs cards for ttm

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My son and I are starting a cubs ttm Collection, (he's 4 so don't need anything to fancy,) but we are looking for some cards/pictures of older players that we can send to.

Right now need:

Cuno barragan (61-63)
John boccabella (63-68)
Bob borkowski (50-51 1991 topps archives
Bobby shantz
Frank bauman (1965)
Jim bolger (57-58)
Ernie broglio (65-66)

Have lots to trade but not much for a trade list created.

Will buy if price is right

Thanks for your time
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Tony Kozelichki

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When I return home from the Cubs convention tonight I can send you a link to my page of in person Cubs autographs that I will gladly trade or sell at a very good price.


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I'll take a peek at what you have. We are focusing more on the ttm stuff though. I created a little learning game for him where he picks a cards. We research the player, ie teams played for, history, states, awards, challenges.

It's been a blast doing some of the older players because they'll answer question, served in the military, faced social challenges.

It's turned into a pretty fun teaching tool

Tony Kozelichki

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Finally back from the Cubs Convention. Here's what my page says (I'm hoping it's up to date):

On April 24, 2014, my 21 year old son died following a massive epileptic seizure. My wife and I have decided to endow a scholarship in his name at Culver Stockton College in Canton, MO, where he was to have graduated three weeks later. I have decided to sell all of his cards over the next few months, including a huge Sammy Sosa collection and my own Ryne Sandberg card collection with all proceeds going to the scholarship fund.

Checks may be made out to Culver Stockton College. I can also accept Paypal.

Shipping costs TBD, (most likely $1-2), but I will keep it as low as possible.

Will also trade for Chicago Cubs cards, especially Banks or Santo or vintage pre-74.

The following cards were all obtained in person by my son at the Cubs, Bears and Blackhawks conventions.

$1.00 each
Paul Assenmacher 93 Donruss
Michael Barrett 06 Heritage
Mike Bielecki 90 Fleer
Mike Bielecki 90 Score
Mike Bielecki 91 Donruss
Ron Cey 86 Topps
Buck Coats 05 Topps Total
Ron Coomer 01 Fleer Premium
Ron Coomer 02 Fleer Tradition
Jody Davis 83 Fleer
Jody Davis 86 Fleer Star Sticker
Jody Davis 87 Fleer
Jody Davis 88 Topps
Jody Davis 89 Topps
Ryan Dempster 04 Topps Total
Ryan Dempster 06 Topps Tradition
Bob Dernier 87 OPC
Jason Dubois 04 Donruss Team Heroes
Scott Eyre 06 Topps
Alberto Garcia 04 Bowman
Doug Glanville 94 UD Prospects
Doug Glanville 98 Fleer Tradition
Richie Hebner 85 Fleer
Glenallen Hill 94 Ultra
Glenallen Hill 95 Fleer
Glenallen Hill 00 Upper Deck
Rich Hill 06 Topps Tradition
Todd Hollandsworth 06 Topps Tradition
Les Lancaster 88 Donruss
Les Lancaster 91 Ultra
Jon Leiber 00 Fleer Tradition
Mike Mahoney 01 Fleer Triple Crown
Gary Matthews 84 Brickhouse
Scott Moore 07 Fleer
Mickey Morandini 00 Stadium Club
Mickey Morandini 00 Upper Deck
Keith Moreland 87 OPC
Ryan O'Malley 07 Iowa DAV
Blake Parker 13 Topps Traded
Eric Patterson 06 Bowman
Tim Stoddard 85 Fleer
Kevin Tapani 00 Stadium Club
Steve Trout 85 Seven-Up
Steve Trout 85 OPC
Steve Trout 87 OPC
Gary Varsho 89 Fleer
Gary Varsho 89 Score
Chris Walker 05 Bowman Chrome
Todd Walker 04 Topps Total
Todd Wellemeyer 04 Ultra
Randy Wells 07 Bowman
Rick Wilkins 92 Fleer
Rick Wilkins 94 Score
Eric Young 01 Fleer Focus
Matt Camp 10 Iowa
Wellington Castillo 10 Iowa
Thomas Diamond 10 Iowa
Jason Dubois 10 Iowa
Jay Jackson 10 Iowa
Mike Mason 10 Iowa
Blake Parker 10 Iowa
Chris Robinson 10 Iowa
Marquez Smith 10 Iowa

$2.00 each
Jose Cardenal 75 Topps
Jose Cardenal 77 Topps
Jody Davis 82 Donruss
Jody Davis 82 Fleer

$3 each
Rod Beck 99 Thunder
Rod Beck 99 Chrome
Rod Beck 99 UD MVP
Glenn Beckert 72 Topps
Glenn Beckert 72 Topps In Action
Joe Girardi 90 Fleer
Randy Hundley 06 Fleer Greats

$5 each
Lee Smith 82 Donruss
Lee Smith 82 Topps
Rick Sutcliffe 04 Topps Fan Favorites


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I have these two autograph Cub cards available for trade, LMK if you are interested, thanks

2005 Topps Fan Fav.- Dunston, S. - Cubs
1992 Donruss - Scanlan, B. - Cubs