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Jun 25, 2008
Lewisville, TX
Last night WWE was in town for a house show, I didn't get as many autos as I was hoping for because security kicked me out (3 times) and wouldn't allow autographs as the wrestlers were pulling in. I was able to pick these up though, so not a total loss...stupid glossy cards...I even used an eraser on them too...

Nice...a friend of mine is actually a referee for WWE (Charles Robinson). He said he would try to get me backstage after the event, but the wrestlers actually started leaving early to head to New Orleans since they have a televised event tonight.
Very cool. Way back when my daughter was really into wrestling we got The Undertaker and Paul Bearer at a K Mart. She went crazy.
I have seen two events here in Puerto Rico but I have never gotten autographs.
Like in your case security won't let you get near them or ask for an autograph :( but still a great show.
Thanks guys, was definitely a good show. I work for the colliseium and still couldn't get close to alot of them and I interact with the security team during hockey games...they were like totally different people last night. Sucked, but at least I got some.
Andrew, have you tried putting a light dusting of talcum powder on glossy cards and then wiping the excess off really good?
That usually helps getting sharpie ink to stick to glossy cards.
I have tried baby powder before, but didn't have time for that this time. The eraser worked really good where I got it, but you can clearly tell where I didn't. Never woulda thought Santino would sign over his face, haha.