Yet another new guy :)

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Philo Illini

Bench Warmer
Dec 27, 2010
Philo Illinois
I just found out about this site a week or so ago. I'm hoping that I can help some folks out, and work on completing some of my sets.

I started collecting in 1977 or so. I collect mostly Topps baseball cards. I have every (regular) set from 1974 on. I'm working backwards from there. I'm just a few cards from completing my 1973 set, and about halfway to completing my 1972 set. Anything prior to that, I know it will start to get harder, and lots more expensive.

For the record, I am a St. Louis Cardinals fan, and a big Fighting Illini fan.
Welcome to the bench and when you have time check out my photobucket link below and see if any of the vintage i have intrests you for trade.