Your Opinion, Gray or Black--Variation or Not?

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Sep 15, 2005
I am now in the process of organizing my O’neill variation cards. Thanks to Member Onionring9 and his knowledge and organized list with scans I put a bunch of these together already but I did not see this variation on there and I am not even sure if it is a variation. I have (4) copies of O’neills 1990 Score card #295. The words on back that describe his hitting are the color black on all but one which to me looks gray. At first I thought it was just faded but I have one that is a bit faded but it still looks black. It really looks gray to me. Is this possible or could it be that faded? The color on the rest of the card looks strong and bold? Let me know if you have heard of this. Thanks, Kevin in CT.

I am not sure how good the scan is but it is the top one in the bunch.

The scan is not good enough to see what I see but you may be right. I asked someone else who has dupes of his player and he also says that out of his cards he also has a card which to him clearly looks gray. This is why I still draw the question.
I'll take a closer look at my gray printed one as well. At a quick glance, it actually looks like two different card stocks were used.
I looked through my stack of 90 Score. The text does not appear to be in bold but it is just that the brightness of the card stock and intensity of the ink varies. If it were in bold the paragraph would run longer on the card compared to the non-bolded one.