09 Collecting Goals

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Dec 7, 2003
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Hey Gang -

It seems we run a thread like this here every year so I have decided to get it going myself this year. So - What are your collecting goals for 2009? I will start with mine and you will see why I wanted to get it going.

First - the standards.
- Complete the 09 Topps, Heritage, Allen & Ginter, Opening Day and Updates and Highlights sets as usual
- Add at least a dozen autographs to my certified Red Sox autographs collection
- Organize my other Red Sox cards (an ongoing battle that I am not close to winning)

Second - the "I am only doing this once" goal.
- I have recently realized that 2009 will represent my 40th year of collecting Topps base sets so I am going to do something a little more this year. I am going to attempt all of the inserts for the base set (not including autos and game used).
- I am also going to attempt to put together the gold #d to 2009 (I assume) set. This is the really special part for me.


It will be pretty simple this year, work on my HOF auto collection. Goals will be,

12 Cut autos
Up grade ones I have to Topps Heritage autos.

There are 15 that I need the highest end ones being Aaron and Mays.
I was going to update mt status on the "2008" version of this but can not find it. So, for 2009 my goals are:

To see the 2008 Upper Deck Yankee Stadium Set completed by The Bench.
Reach 33.3% of all Rickey Henderson cards. (unlikely, but it is a stretch goal)
Reach 30.0% of all Sean Casey cards. (I really think this is possible)
Reach the next level of The Bench HOF

My goals this year will be quite modest. (Most deal with taking care of those which I already have!)

1) Complete my Red Sox inventory (currently have 13599 inventoried)
2) Add 500 (new to me) different Red Sox cards to the collection
3) Win the 2009 Bench team collector contest
4) Organize my tradebait (ongoing from last year)
5) Inventory my complete sets
6) Make lists of my sets in progress and complete some of them.
7) Reduce the the total number of cards I have (over 500,000) whether through trading or donations. (Donated appx 10,000 cards in 2008)

I was going to update mt status on the "2008" version of this but can not find it. So, for 2009 my goals are:

To see the 2008 Upper Deck Yankee Stadium Set completed by The Bench.
Reach 33.3% of all Rickey Henderson cards. (unlikely, but it is a stretch goal)
Reach 30.0% of all Sean Casey cards. (I really think this is possible)
Reach the next level of The Bench HOF


Here is the link for last years goals.....
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Okay, I'm in. In order of likelihood:

1) Finish off my ATFF sets. (14 cards)
2) Finish off the letter auto name project. Five cards to go!
3) Clear off my Pete Harnisch list. Only 15 cards left, all easily obtainable.
4) I have 29 vintage Mets left on my list; knock my list at least in half.
5) Pick up at least one of my high-end auto wants (Montana, Rice, Bird, Young, Piazza).
6) Track down that darned Kevin McReynolds ATFF Rainbow auto I've been looking for for three years.
In all liklihood I will

1. Complete 2009 Topps , Allen Ginter, Updates
2. Finish off the Topps Sets I am building currently for my son(1999-Current)
3. Finish the 08 Ginter Relic set (baseball only-12 more)
4 Finish 08 Leaf Certified Freshman fabric set-8 more
5. Add to my in person Autograph Baseball collection by attending at least 2 shows-1 being Shriners in MA. and the other the NewHaven Show.
6. Somehow find someone who will get my PC up online for me now that I have it all updated in my notebooks.
7. NOT SPEND AS MUCH MONEY ON SPORTSCARDS-LOL Seriously just cut back a bit.


Of course Jeff Ill be there to help ya in some of your quests as well.


Goals for 2009:

1. Continue with Topps Cubs Team Set Project:
a. adding the Cubs from Topps debut sets from the 90s to the master checklist.
b. finish the 1990s, including the Sammy Sosa HR parade subset from 1999.
c. complete run of regular issue Ron Santo.
d. grab an Ernie Banks rookie and a Billy Williams rookie.
e. bring the overall number to 85% complete.
2. Complete Topps 2009, and Topps 2009 update.
3. Spend more money supporting the local Hobby shops and collectors at shows, and avoid blasters at Target and Wal-Mart.
4. Work on a Topps Cubs Team Set Blog, where I can better keep track of what I paid or traded for the cards that I need. I also plan on scanning in my collection.

Good luck to everyone in 2009.
1) Better organization
2) Pluck away an my O'neill need list
3) Pluck away at some of my other players list
4) Slim done the dupes
5) Sell/trade/donate unwanted items
6) It will take all year but make my sportsroom more presentable!
Finish the 2008 Topps 50th Anniversary All-Rookie Team Set
Finish the 2005 Upper Deck Classics Base Set including the Retro Rookies
Finish the 2005 Toppa All Time Fan Favorites Base Set
Get 5 HOF certified card Auto's ( I only have 1 right now)
Trade all of my Football and Basketball for Baseball
1. Reach 50% of Bagwell cards out there
2. Reach Bench HOF status (shouldn't take too long)
3. Finish off some of the random sets I've tried to put togther like my 98 topps stars set, 08 A&G minis, 02 donruss originals and 02 donruss best of fan club
4. Get more of my trade bait up onto my website so i can trade more easily with people
5. Get my cards organized (I have too many stacks all over my desk)

Hopefully I can help a bunch of other collectors with their goals as well

1) organize my cards
2) slim down my cards
3) 15% on chris chambers cards
try to increase my pennington collect to try and get it to supercollector status. and I may pick a random topps vintage football set to do.
1. Reach 3,500 different Ripken cards (currently at 2901).
2. Reach 100 different Ripken GU cards (currently at 86).
3. Complete the 2007 Upper Deck Spectrum Cal Ripken Road to the Hall Gold (#'d/99) set (currently at 78/100).
4. Reach 500 trades and 5,000 posts on The Bench.
5. Possibly work on my completing my 1970-1972 Topps sets and upgrading my 1973-1979 Topps sets.

I'll add more if I think of them before 2009.
I am actually going to try and slow down my collecting this year.

1. Complete the Topps and UD base and update sets
2. Try to get all 75 Tommy John YSL cards
3. After that, try for Tommy John SC
4. Keep donating to The Bench's YSL set

Pretty simple yet can be tough .

Looking to add 5 certified autos of Albert Pujols and add 200 cards to the Albert Pujols Collection.

Build and maintain my new want of Yadier Molina. ( looking for roughly 10 autos)

Finish my 2008 Spectrum Rookie Collection 17 to go so it should be a breeze

Good luck to everyone. Mike
1. Find that last card for my Steve Howard collection
2. Get another 10% on both my Dave Winfield and Matt Williams collections
3. Find that bloody stupid 1993 Lime Rock Dominican Winter League Diamond Star card of Bernardo Brito!!!!
4. Complete my Dave Henderson Collection
5. load at least another 20,000 cards into my Sportlots inventory so I can start making more than I spend on cards in at least one month.
Not a big list:

- Hit 1200 listed Ryne Sandberg cards
- Make my website public (currently sitting on my personal "server")
- Work on obtaining memorabilia and autograph cards (currently at 0 autos due to lack of attempt)

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For 2009 I want to:

1). Complete the Topps Base and Update sets.
2) Finish the Historical Campaign Insert set.
3) Get into the Bench Hall of Fame.

Well, for starters:

1) Complete the MASTER set of 2008 SP Authentic BIll Hall BY THE LETTER AUTOS ( M I L W A U K E E B R E W E R S B I L L H A L L ). There are only 25 of the letter "L", and I would need 5 for the "master" set. I currently have 4 of those. For the letters M, U, K, H, and S.....there are 99 of each (I need the M, U, and H). For letters A, B, R, W, and I.....there are 75 of each (I need 2 A's, 2 B's, 1 R, 1 W, and 1 I). And finally, there are 50 of the letter E (I need 3 of the 4). In all, I need 14 of the 24 letters to spell out "Milwaukee Brewers Bill Hall".

That should keep me busy for a while.;)


EDIT: Down to 3!:)
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