1974 Dan Goich #102


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Can anyone out there explain to me why a $1 card on Beckett and every other printed price guide is going for $80-100 on EBay and other auction sites???? Just curious if there is some version of the real story known to collectors or this is just a card hyped up ???

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When I see a reference to old pro football players (especially the more obscure ones) I just have to check it out. And Dan Goich qualifies on both counts.

I googled his name and nothing much appears. He has one of the shortest Wikipedia pages I have ever seen. Apparently he was a teacher in the Las Vegas area according to the following blog.


After seeing the EBAY listings for that card (his only card BTW), I am beginning to think this is being done as a joke by one seller or by several sellers just to see what reactions they will get. There is no other explanation for this as I know of no rare variations for this card. I'll double check on the variations but unless there has been some new discovery, I'd have heard of it by now.