1987 Topps Traded Greg Maddux Question (Tiffany?)

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5.00 star(s)
Oct 19, 2007
I have a 1987 Topps Traded Greg Maddux (#70T). When I looked it up, it could either be the regular version worth $5.00 or the "Tiffany" version. I have no clue how to tell.

The back looks very clear and bright, unlike most of the 80's cards, so I think it may be a Tiffany, but there is no distinct marking that I can tell. It almost looks like a reprint on the back, but it says 1987 Topps.

Can anyone help me out?

looks like the regular update to me? They were done on that odd type of card stock...the Tiff's are sort of glossy on the front...is that one glossy?
Yeah, with traded, the only way to tell the difference is if the front is really shiny, like the All Star rack pack inserts from that era.
Thanks for the help, everyone! The front is like all the other 1987 Topps and not glossy, so it must just be the basic Topps Traded, based on the info you all gave me.

I really appreciate the help!

I believe the two small ** on the back under the stats let you know if it is a Tiffany or not. The ** is the regular and without ** is Tiffany. You have the regular version.