$2.4 million collection burned in plane crash


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Fifty people died and the concern is some baseball cards?. I don't understand that.

just to play devil's advocate....

besides having a home destroyed , the collector died , apparently leaving behind a wife and daughter....perhaps without the husband/father there , they two survivors were left homeless and in need of financial help....if they lost everything , i'm sure that collection becomes quite relevant , especially if it was the man's primary asset.....obviously i have no clue exactly what all really was in the collection , but if the defnese was estimating value at only 50,000 while the head of lelands put the value at 2.4 million , then i'd say it is an issue to be taken seriously....not to detract from the toll in lives lost , but if the defendants are trying to undervalue the assets to that degree , the survivors may end up in an even worse situation....

also , just a fwiw - what does it say about me to be really irked because the author of the article kept referring to the 52 topps mantles as "mantle rookies"....