2 in Today, 10/1/09

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Bench Warmer
Sep 30, 2009
Arlington, TX
Hello everyone! My name is Rick and i am new here at the bench. I am a big autograph collector and i have been doing TTM for about five years. I have amassed a large autograph collection over the years via TTM. I have also just recently started graphing in-person. I moved from White Plains, NY to Arlington, TX this past May. Over the summer i did a lot of in-person graphing at Texas Rangers games. I will post my in-person successes in a separate thread. Anyway, today i received two new autographs for my collection.

Bob Shirley- 761 West 13TH St. Tulsa,OK 74127
Signed 2/2 cards in blue sharpie and answered my questions!

Bill Virdon- 1311 E River Rd Springfield, MO 65804
Signed 3/3 cards in black sharpie and answered my questions!


hey rick, we probably ran across each other at the rangers games. I went about 15-20 times this year. Welcome to the bench!! Great returns
Hi Rick,
Welcome to The Bench.Always glad to have another TTM'er join us.