2014-15 NFL Postseason Contest

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Hey Everyone -

The NFL Postseason is upon us! I'm running a really simple contest - pick the winner of the Super Bowl! That's it - nothing else, just which of these 12 teams will win it all in 2015!!

1 - New England Patriots
2 - Denver Broncos
3 - Pittsburgh Steelers
4 - Indianapolis Colts
5 - Cincinnati Bengals
6 - Baltimore Ravens

1 - Seattle Seahawks
2 - Green Bay Packers
3 - Dallas Cowboys
4 - Carolina Panthers

5 - Arizona Cardinals
6 - Detroit Lions

Once you picked your team, obviously no editing. Your pick must be in by Saturday January 3rd at 3:30pm EST (Before the 1st Playoff game).

The winner will receive a prize pack of goodies. If there are multiple people who pick the winning Super Bowl team, I will randomize a winner.

Good luck!



Arizona Cardinals
1. Jaybo374

Baltimore Ravens
1. mm1sub

Carolina Panthers
1. cmcjr99

Cincinnati Bengals
1. HeboAlan

Dallas Cowboys
1. bluewatertrader
2. VistaViper

Denver Broncos
1. mrknicks
2. Tennelson55
3. David K.

Detroit Lions
1. anglinomics

Green Bay Packers
1. just-for-cards
2. quota
3. yankees1
4. sgbt4

Indianapolis Colts
1. dale

New England Patriots
1. Rabs
2. who765
3. sturgeon
4. cjs-sportscards

Pittsburgh Steelers
1. Jeffo65
2. chieftazmisty
3. grapler135s

Seattle Seahawks
1. biggun61
2. Mike
3. katester44
4. chief wahoo
5. RHauch
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tell you what people I am a big steeler fan and they are the team to look out for in the playoffs they are peaking at the right time

I am going with the Steelers


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Thanks for joining the contest, everyone! I've updated the original post with a list of who picked which teams!



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It pains me to say this being a Browns fan but I think it is going to be another Ravens title.
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