2020 NFL Postseason Contest

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Hey Everyone -

The NFL Postseason is upon us! I'm running a really simple contest - pick the winner of the Super Bowl! That's it - nothing else, just which of these 12 teams will win it all in the 2020 Super Bowl!!

1. Baltimore Ravens - ELIMINATED!!!
2. Kansas City Chiefs
3. New England Patriots - ELIMINATED!!!
4. Houston Texans - ELIMINATED!!!
5. Buffalo Bills - - ELIMINATED!!!
6. Tennessee Titans - ELIMINATED!!!

1. San Francisco 49ers
2. Green Bay Packers - ELIMINATED!!!
3. New Orleans Saints - ELIMINATED!!!
4. Philadelphia Eagles - ELIMINATED!!!
5. Seattle Seahawks - ELIMINATED!!!
6. Minnesota Vikings - ELIMINATED!!!

Once you picked your team, obviously no editing. Your pick must be in by Saturday January 4th at 4:25pm EST (Before the 1st Playoff game). Contest is open to any Bench member in good standing.

The winner will receive a prize pack of random goodies. If there are multiple people who pick the winning Super Bowl team, I will randomize a winner.

Good luck!


Guesses: (19)
Kansas City Chiefs - biggun61, David K., katester44, intelliracer
San Francisco 49ers - neemann, Tennelson55, Mike

Baltimore Ravens - mm1sub, dlackey
Green Bay Packers - KCLJ520
New England Patriots - Benski3, Jack, dubby25
New Orleans Saints - XZYXZY, criollos, DaSoxFan
Philadelphia Eagles - LEONOFNJ
Seattle Seahawks - Camsue
Tennessee Titans - brj38464
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