2021 NBA Postseason Contest!


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Hey Everyone -

The NBA Postseason is upon us! I'm running a really simple contest - pick the winner of the 2020-21 NBA Championship! That's it - nothing else, just which of these 20 teams will win it all in the 2021!!

1. Philadelphia 76ers
2. Brooklyn Nets
3. Milwaukee Bucks
4. New York Knicks
5. Atlanta Hawks
6. Miami Heat
7. Boston Celtics
8. Washington Wizards
9. Indiana Pacers
10. Charlotte Hornets

1. Utah Jazz
2. Phoenix Suns
3. Denver Nuggets
4. Los Angeles Clippers
5. Dallas Mavericks
6. Portland Trailblazers
7. Los Angeles Lakers
8. Golden State Warriors
9. Memphis Grizzlies
10. San Antonio Spurs

It's a little different this year with the play-in tournament. And as of 9:00pm EST on Sunday Night, all of these seedings might not be concrete, but all of these teams will be in the postseason. Quick turnaround too - as the play-in tournament begins on Tuesday evening, so get those guesses in quickly!!

Once you picked your team, obviously no editing. Your pick must be in by Tuesday May 18th at 6:30pm EST (Before the 1st Playoff game). Contest is open to any Bench member in good standing.

The winner will receive a prize pack of random goodies. If there are multiple people who pick the winning team, I will randomize a winner.

Good luck!


Milwaukee Bucks - dubby25, jmboehm33
Phoenix Suns - David K., dad3309

Atlanta Hawks - dragonslayer913
Boston Celtics - anglinomics, KCLJ520
Brooklyn Nets - chavezforprez, Mike 121, mechjo16, dbacknate
Denver Nuggets - DaSoxFan
Golden State Warriors - bengyax, Mike
Los Angeles Clippers - SymphonicMetal, biggun61
Los Angeles Lakers - mm1sub, katester44, Dave Gman23, LarryG
New York Knicks - sfg2829
Philadelphia 76ers - LEONOFNJ
San Antonio Spurs - Bobby813
Utah Jazz - grapler135s
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