2023 Bench Members Pro Football Pick'em / peaceandlove is the winner

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Did my picks for this week.....Not good at picking teams with the points.....better at just picking the winners. Best regards, David PS will finish in the middle of the pack like last year.
The first game is tonight and I still don't have my picks in. Best of luck.
I actually hit 11 games the 1st week. But as most people on here know, I am pretty good at starting strong and finishing very badly. Just take a look at my fantasy baseball team.
I'm sorry I'm late. mm1sub, bird, & the team Imperfect Picks all had 11 correct picks in week 1. Based on the tie breakers Imperfect picks is in the lead. Since they didn't use their Bench Name, I'm not sure what their Bench Name is, or I would give them props. Congratulations and good luck for week 2.
@anglinomics why did it mark some correct picks like the people who picked the Eagles to win without a point? Happened to me last week too still trying to figure how this works
Because of the point spread. The Eagles were giving the Vikings 6 and 1/2 points. So those 6 and 1/2 points were added to the Vikings total. The Eagles won the game but they only won by 6 points. That means that even though the Eagles won the game they did not cover the point spread.
Kirby has the high score in week 2 going 10-5-1. The odds makers made out this week because many games were decided by 1 or 1/2 points. Best of luck in week 3.
It should be mentioned that Kirby is the son of Katester44. He is also the front runner in the Bench Members Baseball rotisserie
There were some big scores in week 3. Scobes lead the week with a 14-2 record, while JJLevitski went 12-4. Both qualify for the Bonus prize for getting at least 12 correct picks in one week. The bank was almost broken as 5 players had 11 correct picks. Prizes will be posted soon. Best of luck in week 4.

Both David K. and Bird went 11-5 in week 4 for the high score of the week. Some people have had a great season. two thirds of the teams are at .500 or above. The leader has a dropped score of 9. Good luck in week 5.
robwes207 had an 11-3 record for week 5 which gave him high score for the week. With the bye weeks starting we were 2 games short of a full schedule. So it will be harder to get a bonus prize during bye weeks. Almost every team that has played the full season is at 50% or more. Best of luck in week 6.
David K. is the high score for week 7. He went 8-5 for the week and was the only player that acheived 50/50 or better. There were a lot of low scores which will likely untilize the throwout score for the season. There are no byes in week 8 so there will be a full 16 game week.
I notice that the week 6 results are not in this thread. I must have posted on another thread. Prosefan1 & habsfan6 each had 12 correct picks in week 6, which qualifies them for the bonus prize. They have received their prizes. As a reminder, 12 or more wins in the same week gets a bonus prize for that week.