221 Vladimir Guerrero 1/1 cards scanned


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I think I am done scanning for awhile. This is too much work :)

Below are my 1/1 cards:

This will be entry to the Modern card category. It is the MLB logo patch from Vlad's 2006 All-Star jersey and a couple patches.

It goes well with the letters from the same jersey

I was able to pick up a couple 1/1 letter patches from 2008 Sterling. Of all the letters I have, I have never seen a "G"

2005, 2006 & 2007 Bowman Chrome Superfractors - Just need the 2008

Both Bowman Heritage Reds

A couple Topps Chrome Superfractors. The 08 is thanks to Shep

A couple Finest Superfractors

A couple Diamond Kings Platinum versions

Mirror Blacks

White Hot version

A couple 07 UD Masterpieces 1/1's

How about some Printing Plates

All 4 versions here:


How about some 2007 Topps Moments and Milestones:

2008 Topps M&M cards:

This isn't a 1/1 but rather a 2/3 but I forgot to scan it for the Vlad patch thread. Its a 2008 Topps Triple Threads foldout card:

You would think they would add some patches to a 1/1

Another Sterling letter:

I am very happy to get the Allen & Ginter wood card:

Picked up a couple more "R" letters:

I now have both versions of the platinum's

The Heroes is the National Glossy

Superfractor and Gold Canary 1/1's

One of the UD Masterpieces was pictured above but picked up another along with the original art

These were also on the auto page but all are 1/1's:

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Color me very impressed with the superfractors... Bowman, Topps, and Finest! The odds of them even being out in circulation is pretty slim, and the fact that they all ended up in your collection is simply mind blowing! Nice stuff of a great ballplayer!


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An extremely Awesome collection and as a big Vlad fan, so nice to look at.

I have a totally honest question to ask you. I only ask this because I am so curious about a collector of your level. Would you say you are a person with above average means (money) to be able to acquire these cards, or would you say you have average to below average means but manage to acquire them anyway. Eitherway the dedication is amazing and the collection is awesome. I just ask because I always thought if I won the lottery or something this is how I would collect rather then just tearing through wax.

Feel free to not answer, if you would rather not say.




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:eek: - not really anything more that i can say that has already been stated - truely impressive - congrats on a great collection & thanks for sharing it with us!!! - you'll get my vote as well - thanks, erik


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Some of those plates have confused me and I am assuming they look exactly the same buy are slightly different. The DK plates for example. I know Donruss packed the complete sets into those Challenge sets, but you have 2 sets? Do they differ in any way?

How about those Sterling jersey letter cards? I saw three Garvey letters sell on ebay and they all topped $200 each. It was just too much money for that card (for me). You have a ton. How many did they make? It looks like you can spell Guerrero and maybe OF as well. I assumed that the Garvey set spelled "Garvey" and "Padres" as I know from Beckett there were 12 pieces.

Again a wildly incredible collection. You may not have any rivals for a modern player collection. However, you just don't know until someone starts dropping scan bombs like you have!!