8/23 - 8/28: A Pretty Decent Week

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Dan Plesac not only signed my '87 Topps, but included one of his own and personalized it:


I think that's "Go Dan" rather than "To Dan". Probably in reference to the fact that in my letter, I mentioned that when I first became a baseball fan he, Quisenberry, and Pasqua were pretty much the only big-leaguers whose parents had had the good taste to name them Dan. :p

And these all came on Thursday:




Also on Thursday I received a Dwight Gooden I picked up on ebay, so that's 1 future HOF manager, and 3 20-game winners all on the same day. :cool:

And I finally found the Lee Smith TTMs I'd gotten years ago. I thought I'd had 2, but it turned out there were 4! :eek: No '87 Topps, unfortunately ('86, '89 Topps, '90 Donruss and a '90 UD that he signed on the back, for some strange reason), but still a nice surprise. I'd probably trade a couple of them if I could get back any 87Ts of guys who charge $10 or so.

Now if I could just find the '87 Topps Marty Barrett I know I had. Wonder if I traded it and just don't remember...?