8/29 Silver Hawks @ Loons ---> Loons clinch playoffs!!!

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Aug 30, 2007
The Michigan Thumb
Obviously there was a big on-field celebration after the game, but was happy enough to walk away without staying for the party. Here's the scans:

The pre-game I felt I did fairly well on. I was playing everyone's favorite game: match faces with cards before they leave. I really needed a program.:(

Then the game started, and I'm already waaaayyy back in the line. My Aunt (who got those tickets for free) finally found me, so we each went through twice. My second time through, Willie said to his guard "I don't know man, that line is still too long." It is so true, at least he has lots of fans (2 inning wait both times)

The big surprise was that Rozema also came to Midland, but nobody was prepared for him.:eek: I just got the free photo they had. He was having lots of fun, joking around and such... (1 inning wait)

This is also the last IP session for Mr. Tigsfan until TigerFest/Tigers Caravan. None of these are available, sorry (greatdadx2 or whatever, the Willie is on hold for you:)).
I'd either trade it for another Tiger's TTM AU (mostly current players is what I want) or sell it, which we can work on.

Thanks for the love everyone!:)