9/9 - 9/11: That's how I role!


4.90 star(s)

Austin Jackson
65 days

Mr. T's Comment: Mr. T is very happy to get Austin back, another Tigers player. I sent him a Tigers 2010 Bowman card, so I have a Tristar Obak Yankees card of his available now.

Casey Kotchman
28 days

Mr. T's Comment: Kotchman has been a consistent signer so new TTMers may like to send to him as they are starting out. I sent this before my 04 Topps Jenks/Kotchman RC came back, so I'll be sending to him again next year.

Ross Ohlendorf
65 days

Mr. T's Comment: The former Yankees pitcher (and now Pirates) signed my 2010 Topps. He is an average pitcher to watch in Pittsburgh for the next couple of years.


Adam LaRoche
111 days

Mr. T's Comment: Adam has made my top 5 longest wait list, but has beat his brother in returning my card. He did keep one and I hope it wasn't the RC. :eek:


Danny Darwin
30 days

Mr. T's Comment: Danny is a pitching coach in the Dodgers organization and is a very nice guy. I hadn't dug out my cards of him until he got promoted, so I sent them his way. He did keep one of them.

Kevin Tapani
17 days

Mr. T's Comment: Tapani was a great mentor in his last years for pitchers like Kerry Wood and Mark Prior, but he didn't teach them how to sign TTM. He was an average pitcher and would recommend sending to him.