Albert Pujols

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Feb 8, 2011
Southern Illinois
Ok so, one of the coolest successes of all time came via a gift from my brother-in-law! He has had this ball since Albert was new with the Cardinals, he got it IP at Busch Stadium in one of Albert's early seasons. I had seen it probably 10 or so years ago and forgot about it.

Well, we were at their home this summer and our children were playing together, and Mike my brother-in-law walks out of their house with the ball, and said "this is for you, you need to have it!"

Very cool day, and blessed to have such a great brother in law and friend!!

Thanks for reading, God Bless!

Thanks so much guys, having photographic issues at the moment, so stay tuned and I will hopefully be able to get one on here soon! Very kind words from everyone, thanks so much!! This is a great community!!

God Bless,